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Pustaka Bookaroo in the city, May 21, 2017: Nia Latif at The Spring.

John Jong Aug 06, 2019

Nature is abundance in Sarawak with its vast rainforest, big and long rivers, and mighty mountains.

When Nia Latif shared a story about bunga terung or eggplant flower, a traditional tattoo design motive for Dayak community, being used as a mark for a boy’s passage into manhood the children were amazed. After the storytelling session they continued with bookmark making workshop using bunga terung design. The children aged 4 to 12 years really enjoyed making their personal bookmark to take back home. They learned about Dayak culture and the significance of Gawai Dayak or harvest festival which will be celebrated on 1 June.


  • illustrator
  • Malaysia
  • storytelling

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