You have come to Bookaroo and met authors, illustrators and storytellers from everywhere.
Now, we bring them right into your homes.
There is a room for everything. Book Talks, Stories, Writing, Art, Craft and Activities, Camps and a little something for adults too.
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About Bookaroo

Bookaroo - a children’s literature festival set up by Bookaroo Trust, a public charitable trust - endeavours to make books come alive through interactions between children and creators of books and storytellers.

The festival that began in 2008 has, since, travelled to 16 cities (15 in India and one in Malaysia) and has completed 37 editions in 11 years, focuses on ‘Reading for Pleasure’.

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Celebrating International Mother Language Day 2020

Twenty years after it was first celebrated, International Mother Language Day has done wonders in its efforts to recognise and respect linguistic and cultural diversity unifying societies. This year's theme is 'Languages without Borders'.

As you know, Bookaroo recognises no borders. Being an Indian festival makes it that much more exciting as there are 22 main languages and many other dialects that the festival can choose from as it travels from town to town across India.

So, on February 21, we decided to promote the mother language and requested some of our speakers to narrate a short story in their respective mother tongues through a series of videos. And what a time we all had!

Watch some of the most interesting stories unfold as we unveil each video. Feel free to share these stories with as many children as possible.

Meet the 2020 Speakers

From Gangtok to Srinagar to Varanasi to Srinagar to Vadodara to Delhi to Bhopal, here are the speakers you will meet if you are in any of the cities that Bookaroo will be visiting in the coming months. Take a look at the Bookaroo calendar above for the exact dates and venues.

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