Bookaroo | Festival of Children's Literature

Bookaroo Bhopal 2019

Lets Get Crafty !

Inês Pupo & Gonçalo Pratas bring Portuguese Words Alive with their Music

Smiles after a Colourful Session

Sajitha Nair During Her Session at the Crafty Corner

Close Your Eyes and Imagine...

The Dino Expert-Vaishali Shroff

A Young Fan With Her Favorite Author-Lavanya Karthik

The Girl Who Defied Fate-Story of Nur Jahan by Deepa Agarwal

Exploring Different Ways of Creating Characters, Come From the Real World and Some From Fantasy with Eva Sanches

Nurture the Sense of I-Wonder-How-That-Works with Author Roopa Pai

Bha se Bhopal

Stay Hungry, Stay Curious! with Roopa Pai

Words. Characters. Action. Story. With Deepa Agarwal at the Kahani Tree

Stories and Beyond at the Crafty Corner

Collaborators 2023