Bookaroo Children's Literature Festival

Bookaroo is India's first children's literature festival produced by Bookaroo Trust.

Since the time it was set up in 2008 by a loose collective of book-lovers, Bookaroo has journeyed across 15 cities across India and one in Malaysia with 37 editions. Bookaroo’s mission is simple: bring books, children, writers and everyone who loves books together to celebrate the joy of reading. It does this through the main festival and an outreach programme.

Bookaroo in the City - or BiC - is an outreach programme that precedes the main festival in every city. Book-related activities are conducted in schools and institutions, both regular and underserved, across the city.

Speakers from India and other countries have spread the joy of reading through their talks, readings, performances, art, music, craft.

Every edition of Bookaroo has a special display of the participating authors’ and illustrators’ books by Eureka, the festival bookstore. Visitors can browse, buy books and get them signed by the authors. Entry to Bookaroo is free.

Apart from New Delhi where Bookaroo was born, the festival has travelled to Srinagar, Pune, Kuching (Malaysia), Goa, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Kohima, Bali (Rajasthan), Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Gangtok, Varanasi and Bhopal.

Bookaroo is a Winner of the International Excellence Awards in the Literary Festivals category at the London Book Fair, 2017.

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