Bookaroo Delhi 2021

Dear Bookaroons,

We are back!

This 13th edition of Bookaroo took longer than we had expected when we signed off in 2019. Much has changed in the world since then.

As each one of us slowly emerges from an unprecedented situation that left hardly anybody unscathed in its wake, we see hope.

Hope in the fact that 46 speakers unhesitatingly agreed to participate in Bookaroo 2021 at such short notice - many of them travelling from other parts of the country. Hope in the fact that all the officials of National Rail Museum wholeheartedly agreed to allow this beautiful venue to be Bookaroo’s home for the weekend. Hope in the fact that our support staff enthusiastically pitched in to put up this show in record time (never before, in the 13-year-old history of Bookaroo, have we put together an edition in 45 days flat). Hope in the fact that those who played a major part behind the scenes as strangers to begin with, are firm friends of Bookaroo now. Hope in the fact that we could say those three magic words that this letter starts off with.

At the back of our collective minds was the fact that it was time to bring some normalcy back in the lives of our children. Bookaroo Delhi 2021 is a tribute to that thought. Take a bow all you beautiful people - authors, illustrators, storytellers, sponsors, arts councils, publishers, our partners, designers, volunteers, friends, and the parents who said, “Go ahead!”. We thank you all on behalf of the children of Delhi.

We have a few more things to talk about this year. This edition will also see the launch of new books and appropriately enough, for the times we are in, a healing wall. What’s more, lined up are 48 electrifying sessions.

It is going to be an exciting weekend. Soak in the experience. Please stay safe, adhere to regular Covid protocols and do help our young volunteers to keep it that way.

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