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Pustaka Bookaroo in the City, April 22, 2017: Brian Zimmerman at SK Combined

John Jong Jul 10, 2019

There are few children who will baulk at the opportunity to play with puppets and learn how to make

The 24 students of SK Combined (ages around 9) were no different as Brian Zimmerman, puppeteer extraordinary, took them through the paces. On show was a puppet play, how to create and design puppets and how to perform with puppets.

The children and the teachers lapped it up with glee, the latter even joining in the game enthusiastically to help the students get their puppet right. It was a hushed audience as they made sure they did not miss any move of Brian’s. In the end, Brian left with an extremely happy bunch of children and teachers with a promise to come back some other time.

Brian was in Kuching as a speaker in Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival held at the Pustaka Negeri Library.



  • illustrator
  • Malaysia
  • storytelling

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