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Pustaka Bookaroo in the City April 21, 2017: Chetan Sharma at St Faith KG and Superchamp KG

Grace Rongrong Jul 10, 2019

When the story is about a lion and a feast, you can be sure that the children will lap it up. And wh

There was much excitement as drew a lion briskly. The applause was something. It didn’t end there. Chetan also taught the children to draw simple expressions. That the children were keen learners could be seen from what they came up with. Chetan’s visit was made possible with the support of Karadi Tales.

Superchamp KG – 120 children

We then moved to another part of the school where there was a twist in the tale. A karadi (in Tamil) means bear. In India, pointed out Chetan, a bear is a great storyteller. One hundred and twenty children looked on in wonder as Chetan opened up a picture book and played bear. The story was again the Lion’s Feast but what caught the attention of the children here was a little tiny mouse in the book. Each of the children enjoyed the tale.

Before the end of the session, Chetan was keen that the children put their stories on paper by drawing. He demonstrated it by simple methods – a circle for a face, for instance. Chetan’s view was that children should be left to their own devices if they were to learn drawing. It’s okay for the paper to get dirty when you are practicing. Drawing is as simple as making a line and a circle.

Chetan encouraged the children to Keep drawing and telling stories. At the end, there were many children who wanted to become illustrators when they grew up. Both Chetan and I got a bear hug from the children and left the school in a happy frame of mind.



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