A Wonderland for Children

Sutapa Basu Dec 02, 2021

In this blog, 'A Wonderland for Children', celebrated author Sutapa Basu writes about her impression

  • Bookaroo 2021

“Just find the story that children can connect with.” Venita Coelho, writer

Aditi Kuriwal Mar 21, 2021

An interview with artist, writer, activist and traveller, Venita Coelho.

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  • Dead as a Dodo
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"Art1st sits at the intersection of Art, Literature and Child Psychology." Ritu Khoda

Venkatesh Aug 15, 2020

From observer to tireless art advocate Ritu Khoda has done quite a bit for art appreciation.

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  • Art is a Verb
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"It’s going to be an action-packed rest-of-the-year!" Preeti Vyas, President ACK Media

Venkatesh Jul 05, 2020

Preeti Vyas talks about the exciting things ACK and Tinkle have lined up.

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Betalbatim to you, Wendy!

Venkatesh Jun 30, 2020

Remembering an extraordinary woman, a good friend and passionate advocate of children’s books.

  • Wendy Cooling
  • Bookstart
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Unlocking a Lockdown

Apr 11, 2020

It takes more than a lockdown to keep children's creativity down.

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  • Mistunee Chowdhury
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Bookaroo Tour Diary!

Jan 28, 2020

A round-up of Bookaroo's adventures in 2019

  • Bookaroo Tour Diary!

Pustaka Bookaroo in the City April 21, 2017: Chetan Sharma at St Faith KG and Superchamp KG

Grace Rongrong Jul 10, 2019

When the story is about a lion and a feast, you can be sure that the children will lap it up. And wh

  • illustrator
  • Malaysia
  • storytelling

Pustaka Bookaroo April 21 2017: Siddhant Shah at SK Pendidikan Khas

Hui Shan Ang Jul 10, 2019

Can you touch and smell a painting? Siddhant Shah, who is a speaker in Bookaroo and hails from Mumba

  • illustrator
  • Malaysia
  • storytelling

Pustaka Bookaroo in the City, April 22, 2017: Brian Zimmerman at SK Combined

John Jong Jul 10, 2019

There are few children who will baulk at the opportunity to play with puppets and learn how to make

  • illustrator
  • Malaysia
  • storytelling

Pustaka Bookaroo in the City, April 22, 2017: Brian Zimmerman at SK St Thomas

John Jong Jul 10, 2019

We have all seen puppets and puppeteers at work and play. However, what we do not know and would pro

  • illustrator
  • Malaysia
  • storytelling

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