Kuching 2016


We are back with Bookaroo at one of our favourite venues – Pustaka Negeri, the Sarawak State Library.

Pustaka Negeri Sarawak is conceived as a major information resource centre and as the hub of information services for the public and private sectors throughout Malaysia. It  also provides a gateway into and from publicly accessible international information centres.

Set within a vast park that covers the State Mosque and the Minaret Gardens on the western side, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak has the perfect atmosphere for a children’s literature festival like Pustaka Bookaroo.

The park includes a lake, areas for public performances and art exhibitions, a playground, picnic areas, a scenic drive, pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes strewn with trees, shrubs and flower gardens.

Bookaroo’s mission is to bring children and books together in a borderless world.

For  enquiries, please write to:

Japri Bujang Masli or Razak Rambili at 082-442000 ext 103 /348 or

email: japribm@sarawak.gov.my or razakr@sarawak.gov.my

  • Beez Buskerz

    Beez Buskerz are buskers young and old from Trust schools, SK Tabuan and SMK Seri Setia.

  • David LIew

    After years of drawing funny pictures to entertain his bored history students, David Liew decided that it was more fun to be paid to draw those funny pictures… and maybe tell a few stories along the way.

  • Emma Nicholson

    Emma Nicholson has never lived in a castle. Or owned a pet dragon. Or hidden gobstopper sweets in her ear… although she does have a dent in her left ear like the pet dragon in her story.

  • Frane Lessac

    Ever since Frané Lessac could walk, she’d wander off with her little red wagon trailing behind having adventures. Nowadays, Frané spends a lot of time travelling on planes, flying through clouds and dreaming up stories and paintings to share.

  • Grace Rongrong

    Grace Rongrong is an early years lecturer by profession, but a storyteller by passion.

  • Heidi Shamsuddin

    Heidi Shamsuddin used to arrest ships and feed people in a former life, but she now spends her days travelling through time and telling stories. She has written a series of time-travelling books.

  • Kamini Ramachand...

    Kamini Ramachandran teaches, performs, directs, produces and organizes all things storytelling. Through MoonShadow Stories she has shared her vast repertoire of stories all over the world, delighting audiences both young and old.

  • Lim Lay Koon

    Lim Lay Koon used to work with computers but some aliens in a spaceship told her that she should write silly stories, draw funny pictures and make children’s books. So she did. Don’t ever disobey aliens.

  • Mahaya Mohd Yass...

    Mahaya Mohd Yassin’s repertoire of work includes poems, short stories, picture books, a memoir and reviews. With many awards to her credit, she is equally at home with young children and teens.

  • Mama Tok

    Mama Tok is a Malaysian storyteller whose use of movement and drama as she spins her stories, captivates audiences. Mama Tok won the Best Narrator at the 16th International Storytelling Festival in Tabriz, Iran.

  • Mark Greenwood

    Mark Greenwood is a man of mystery – best known as the History Hunter. He enjoys sailing on ghost ships, searching for lost treasure, wrestling crocodiles and telling the greatest stories on earth… and he writes amazing books!

  • Nau Sidu

    Nau Sidu is a conservation educator, working with the Orang-utan Conservation Project in Sarawak. She is passionate about her work with local communities and students, believing that love for animals is sown through reading stories.

  • Nor Azhar Ishak

    Nor Azhar Ishak a.k.a. NAI is a science museum educator and award-winning picture book writer/illustrator. His favourite pastimes include painting in batik and acrylics and sharing stories whilst his favourite people are children!

  • Parnab Mukherjee

    A spoken word performer, independent media analyst, curator and a performance consultant by profession, Parnab Mukherjee is one of the leading alternative theatre nomads of the sub-continent.

  • Raymond Lee

    Raymond Lee has trouble describing himself. He likes big tables with big pieces of paper on them, and the colour yellow. Sometimes he thinks about making things and sometimes he makes things.

  • Sasya Zuzu

    Sasya Zuzu is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator who has always had a passion for art. When she is not drawing, she buries her nose in a book and is off to fairyland.

  • Sereni and Shent...

    Sereni and Shentel are best friends and accidental, but highly successful, headband designers. Having turned their story into a book they are also writers and publishers.

  • Sie Ling

    Sie Ling is a well-known radio personality and voice-over artist who enjoys sharing her love and passion for Chinese culture with young children through various forms of performing arts.

  • Tom McLaughlin

    Tom McLaughlin is a teacher who has taught Science and English for many years. He published his first comic book in 2010 and his second in 2015. He lives in Kuching with his wife and son.

  • Tutu Dutta-Yean

    Tutu Dutta-Yean is a raconteur of tales and the keeper of old knowledge and wisdom. She also writes when she is not busy collecting folktales and is the author of seven books.

  • Valentina Trived...

    Valentina Trivedi believes that pebbles and teapots have feelings too. When she is not telling stories, she is busy weaving tales about everything around her. She is an education consultant, scriptwriter, filmmaker and copywriter.

  • Yitping Tay

    Yitping Tay is a mother of three, bookstore owner, storyteller and passionate book evangelist! Books and stories are her lifeblood and she wants to share them and their treasures with young and old alike.