Kohima 2018

Raj Bhavan

Kohima! Here we come…

Nagaland is a land where folklore has passed down the generations through word of mouth. Where music is an integral part of life; where folk songs eulogise ancestors and the brave deeds of warriors and traditional heroes; where poetic love songs immortalise ancient tragic love stories; where Gospel songs touch the soul; where contemporary tunes make you want to tap your blues away. What could be a more fitting pitstop in Bookaroo’s journey of celebrating books and stories?

Thanks to the rock-like support from our partner, The Kohima Institute, Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival, with its stories, art and craft, workshops, drama and books, has been able to venture into the north-east at last. Our authors, storytellers, illustrators and performers will land in Kohima very soon to add to the colour of a city, where life itself is one long festival.

As Bookaroo wings its way to its ninth state and 12th city, we hope that the children of Kohima are as excited as we are.

Come on over. We promise you something that you will not forget in a hurry.

The dates:    October 26th and 27th, 2018

The venue:      Raj Bhavan & The Heritage, Officers Hill

The timings

26th October – 9 AM-2:30 PM  (by invitation)
27th October – 11 AM-4:30 PM (open to all)

The ages

26th October – 6 years to 14 years (by invitation)
27th October – 4 years to 14 years (open to all)

The Speakers

The Heritage



  • Canato Jimo

    Canato Jimo is from Nagaland. He loves singing, travelling and, as part of his day job as an Art Director, watching picture books come to life.

  • Debashish Majumd...

    Debashish Majumdar started writing when he was eight years old and has not stopped since. He loves to laze like a koala, sleep like a bear, snore like a lion and play like a panda.

  • Deeptha Vivekana...

    Deeptha Vivekanand loves playing with words. As a storyteller, she enjoys telling folktales from near and far. She dreams of a night when everyone in the world can sit around one large campfire to share stories.

  • Easterine Kire

    Easterine Kire is a poet, novelist and children’s author who invites her readers to enter into her stories, to dance and sing with the characters and lose themselves in the worlds created by the books!

  • Janaki Sabesh

    A seasoned media professional and actor, Janaki Sabesh loves stories – telling, writing and living them. As the founder of Golpo-Tales Unlimited, she mixes stories with theatre, movement and music and creates magic!

  • Kavitha Mandana

    Most of Kavitha Mandana’s energy is spent baby-sitting a high-maintenance Labrador, who at the age of five, still needs a lap to sleep on. When her lap is free, Kavitha writes books for children.

  • Meghaa Aggarwal

    Meghaa Aggarwal says the funniest things without meaning to, but she’s terrible at telling jokes – mostly because she starts to laugh much before she ends them. She’s deeply inspired by the indomitable spirit of childhood.

  • Nandini Nayar

    Although the postal code of Nandini Nayar’s address says she lives in Hyderabad, she inhabits various worlds, which is how she has written over forty books for children of all ages.

  • Padma Damodaran

    Actor, director, writer, trainer and budding Qissago, Padma Damodaran combines song and dance with her favourite stories which are magical yet real, sad yet full of joy, naughty yet kind, scary yet full of wonder.

  • Parnab Mukherjee

    A spoken word performer, independent media analyst, curator and a performance consultant by profession, Parnab Mukherjee is one of the leading alternative theatre nomads of the sub-continent.

  • Praba Ram

    Praba Ram loves stories – about children, animals, food, crafts, mountains, prehistoric life, space, everything! A cat-lover, her other purr-suits include concocting soups, growing vegetables, and supporting childhood literacy.

  • Priya Kuriyan

    Priya Kuriyan is an illustrator and animation film designer whose forte is the visual art of storytelling. When she’s not Illustrating she is usually travelling to places (sometimes imaginary) far and near.

  • Richa Jha

    Picture book enthusiast, author and publisher Richa Jha believes she has the best hobby-cum-profession in this world. She loves travelling and ‘planning’ her impromptu trips.

  • Rituparna Ghosh

    Rituparna Ghosh caught the oral bug when she started telling stories to her son. A professional storyteller, trainer and consultant, she has discovered the child in herself and has decided never to grow up again!

  • Roopa Pai

    Award-winning writer Roopa Pai loves to jump worlds and universes, from picture books to chapter books, and fiction to non-fiction. When not writing, she leads history and heritage walks for them around her beloved Bangalore.

  • Saattvic

    Saattvic is an Oxford-educated economist who works at a law firm, moonlights as an actor, starlights as a tabla player, torchlights as a playwright, candlelights as a singer and fairylights as a film-maker.

  • Saswata & Susrut...

    Saswata Mukherjee (Bobby) and Susruta Mukherjee (Bob) are two young artists from Kolkata who sketch everything they see – and everything they don’t! They are passionate about making films and are addicted to reading and making comics.

  • Savio Mascarenha...

    Savio Mascarenhas’ is the creative mind behind Super Suppandi, the super avatar of Suppandi. He is also the artist for Little Shambu, based on the childhood adventures of Shikari Shambu.

  • Stuti Agarwal

    Stuti Agarwal grew up in the hills of Darjeeling, lives in Delhi and hopes to live the Ruskin Bond life. Or ideally the Roald Dahl life – the English countryside is appealing, but that will be difficult.

  • Valentina Trived...

    When Valentina Trivedi is not telling stories, she is busy weaving tales about everything around her. She has been a scriptwriter, film-maker and copywriter.