Srinagar 2013

DP Dhar Memorial Bookaroo, Srinagar
Bookaroo came to Srinagar in 2011 after the owners of DPS Srinagar visited Bookaroo Delhi in 2010 and expressed a desire to take Bookaroo to the valley. Things clicked and now, every May, we pack our bags – and our speakers and land up in the most beautiful place in India.
Each of Bookaroo’s three editions in Kashmir has been a wonderful journey. The DP Dhar Memorial Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival as it is called made an instant connect with the children.


On an average, 6,000 children attend Bookaroo Srinagar. In May this year, 22 speakers conducted 103 sessions.

  • Sangeeta SETHI

    Sangeeta Sethi is an award winning writer. Her work has been published in leading magazines and newspapers and in recent years broadcast on Akashvani, Bikaner.

  • Saurabh PANDEY

    Saurabh Pandey is a science graduate who took up art. He has been illustrating and designing children’s books with CBT for 12 years. His involvement in theatre helps him with his illustrations.