Kuching 2016


We are back with Bookaroo at one of our favourite venues – Pustaka Negeri, the Sarawak State Library.

Pustaka Negeri Sarawak is conceived as a major information resource centre and as the hub of information services for the public and private sectors throughout Malaysia. It  also provides a gateway into and from publicly accessible international information centres.

Set within a vast park that covers the State Mosque and the Minaret Gardens on the western side, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak has the perfect atmosphere for a children’s literature festival like Pustaka Bookaroo.

The park includes a lake, areas for public performances and art exhibitions, a playground, picnic areas, a scenic drive, pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes strewn with trees, shrubs and flower gardens.

Bookaroo’s mission is to bring children and books together in a borderless world.

For  enquiries, please write to:

Japri Bujang Masli or Razak Rambili at 082-442000 ext 103 /348 or

email: japribm@sarawak.gov.my or razakr@sarawak.gov.my

  • Alan Kiang

    Alan Kiang is a primary teacher by day, a radio DJ and MC by night but at heart a passionate storyteller. He enjoys sharing stories wherever and whenever he has an opportunity.

  • Alicia Dongjoo B...

    Alicia Dongjoo Bang is not just an ordinary storyteller. She is a charming gardener who makes our souls blossom with her enchanted stories from the Kingdoms of Korea.

  • Anthony Pine

    Anthony Pine is a research Post Graduate Student at the Institute of Biodiversity and Environment Conservation, In his spare time he scuba dives, plays soccer, photos the stars and galaxies – all the while eating chocolate tim tams!

  • Brian Zimmerman

    Brian Zimmerman simply refuses to grow up. Having left the world of animation and content creation, he is now returning to his roots to spread the word about the wonderful world of puppetry.

  • Ceres Lau

    Ceres Lau is a paper artist, a human laser cutter, a dog lover and a bad cook.

  • Champa Saha

    Champa Saha is a teacher, special educator and counsellor who has been reading, listening to and telling stories ever since she can remember.

  • Chetan Sharma

    Chetan Sharma is a human turned night owl who started illustrating and animating at the age of 15. He credits his five dogs that he rescued from the streets for saving him from a boring life.

  • Chooi Ling Keion...

    Chooi Ling Keiong is an illustrator who has enjoyed drawing since she was a child growing up in Raub amidst the durians. When she is not drawing she treasures listening to classical music and going travelling.

  • Emila Yusof

    When Emila Yusof is not writing or creating picture book illustrations, you can find her dreaming about living in a picture book, running barefoot across pages counting words, or adding finishing touches to illustrations.

  • Evi Shelvia

    Evi Shelvia is a writer/ Illustrator who loves rabbits, cats, monsters and children. She loves to tell stories by through her picture books for children – and cats and rabbits and monsters!

  • Heidi Munan

    Heidi Munan was born in Switzerland, moved to New Zealand and has lived in Sarawak for almost 5 decades. She has published books, articles and papers arising from her immersion in the cultures and lore of Borneo.

  • Namita Moolani M...

    Namita Moolani Mehra, founder of Indian Spicebox, mum and author, is passionate about bringing spice into children’s lives. She runs cooking classes for both adults and children in Singapore where she lives.

  • Nia Latif

    Nia Latif is an artist who believes that practising art every day is the best therapy. She specialises in highlighting local culture through her innovative twists and turns. She loves fat round cats.

  • Siddhant Shah

    Siddhant Shah, a heritage architect and access management consultant, works with museums and art galleries to bridge the gap between cultural heritage and disability, through educational and multi-sensory experiential activities, for children with special needs.

  • Tini Zainuddin

    Tini Zainudin, mother of 3, mad hatter and book lover is like Peter Pan. She loves exclamation marks, commas and even full stops which mark the end of one story with the promise of another.

  • Ummi Sham

    Ummi Sham is an enthusiastic librarian who is ever ready to share stories with children through songs, actions, dance, puppets and origami to ensure that storytelling should live on and on and on.

  • Vasanti Unka

    As a New Zealand born Indian, Vasanti Unka tried to be a good little Indian girl but her rotis were always misshaped so she gave up trying. Now she is a multi-award winning writer and illustrator.