Delhi 2017


As the India Gate circle is a high-security zone, all cars will have to be parked in Bhairon Road parking lot or on official parking lots around India Gate, not in the circle. Please try and use public transport, Uber or Ola to come to the venue.  Nearest metro stations are Central Secretariat and Barakhamba Road.

Join in the biggest birthday party of the year for children!

Bookaroo, India’s first children’s literature festival, will be celebrating its 10th birthday on the 25th and 26th November from 10.30am to 5.30pm at Children’s Park (near India Gate).

The celebrations have already started with 10 walls around the city being painted with illustrations from children’s books.

Come and meet over 50 award-winning writers, illustrators, poets and storytellers, including 18 from outside India. Enjoy Delhi’s first Ski Slalom, a Story Mountain, the original Oranginus Tragonus Transmuter, an Indian Beach and an Upside Down Forest, two duelling illustrators competing in the Battle of the Brushes and history in a bowl of paneer makhani.

Be ready for fun and games galore with stories and books in all forms, shapes and sizes – and a very special cake of course!

Entry is free and open to all. There is no pre-registration.


  • Alicia Dongjoo B...

    Alicia Dongjoo Bang is a professional international storyteller from Korea. She has delighted children and adults with her storytelling performances for years. Her Indian nickname is Story Bommai (doll). She weaves magic into her stories.

  • Aljoscha Blau

    Born in 1972 in St. Petersburg, Aljoscha Blau graduated from HAW in Hamburg in Illustration and Graphic Arts and has been working ever since as illustrator for German and international publishers. He has been nominated every year for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award since 2009.

  • Alka Pande

    Alka Pande, a worshipper of the Sun God and Shiva, loves telling a story through words and images. A trained art historian, Dr Pande has found a new thrill and adventure in life through the many myths and stories within Indic tradition and India’s vast visual culture.

  • Ameen ul Haque

    Ameen-ul-Haque is the founder of The Storywallahs – a storytelling company. He is a storyteller, story coach, teacher and trainer. He sings, plays the harmonica and tells stories that you will remember for a long time.

  • Andy Chua

    Singapore-based Andy Chua is a 3D artist and an author. He has a collection of dinosaur bones, and gives lectures on prehistoric life in schools, libraries and museums. Fossil Finders is his first children’s book series.

  • Anitha Balachand...

    Anitha Balachandran is a professional juggler. She makes animation films, teaches, writes books and illustrates. If you happen to be in Bangalore you may catch sight of her chasing an unrealistic deadline. Anitha loves her watercolours which she now reluctantly shares with her five-year-old son.

  • Anjana

    In the little time she spends in the real world, Anjana an award-winning writer, freelances as a journalist. She loves scuba-diving, climbing (mountains not trees), exploring historic places, daydreaming – everything but growing up.

  • Aparna Jain

    Aparna Jain is a leadership coach who works in corporate India. Because it is rather serious and emotionally taxing, she does fun stuff like write books and fight for gender equality. Her latest book Like a Girl: Real Stories for Tough Kids is her latest fun project and one she is proud of.

  • Arunava Sinha

    Arunava Sinha translates classic, modern and contemporary Bengali fiction and non-fiction from Bangladesh and India into English. Forty-five of his translations have been published so far in India, the UK and the USA. These include books for children and for young adults by Satyajit Ray, Shibram Chakraborty, Moti Nandy and Muhammed Zafar Iqbal. He has won India’s top translation prize, the Crossword Award for translated books, twice. He was born and grew up in Kolkata, and lives and writes in New Delhi, India.

  • Atanu Roy

    Atanu Roy has worked on various styles, from the thick outlines of Who’s Smarter to the crazy black and white drawings for Wingless. In 2016, he received the Big Little Book Award for Illustrator.

  • Ayako Watanabe

    Ayako Watanabe is a Japanese illustrator who loves to explore an imaginary world and express her inner child in form of art. When she is not doodling, she is usually daydreaming or eating chocolates.

  • Benita Sen

    Benita Sen is a trash freak and dream of DIY. She has researched a city’s garbage to write a paper on waste but is even happier waiting for a CD to spring a fault so that she can give it a fresh avatar. Twigs, string, ribbon, old socks… she wishes Santa would bring some for her. Till then, she collects her own to turn into new stuff to leave under the tree.

  • Bongiswa Kotta-R...

    Bongiswa Kotta-Ramushwana has been a storyteller for 14 years and the reason she tells stories is to awake stories in others which leads to a healing process. She has performed for different audiences in and out of South Africa. She loves telling stories to children, she dances and sings with them. She also tells stories on UNISA radio station every Fridays.

  • Boris Pfeiffer

    As a child Boris Pfeiffer narrated his stories to the asphalt strip in front of the car window during long journeys with his parents. Today he is the author of books, plays and poetry for children and young people.

  • Champa Saha

    Champa Saha is a teacher, special educator and counsellor who has been reading, listening to and telling stories ever since she can remember.

  • Cinta Arribas

    Based in Spain, Cinta Arribas’ work focuses on people, she likes to imagine stories inspired by different characters. Her work is intense, colorful and expressive; it plays with a subtle sense of humour that highlights the fact that life should always be a little fun.

  • Cordis Paldano

    Cordis Paldano loves the circus and his friends – the trapeze artists – but he loves clowning the most! And even more than that, he loves to share his clowning tricks.

  • Devapriya Roy

    Devapriya Roy is the author of Indira. She is an alumnus of Presidency College, Kolkata and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where she spent nearly a decade in pursuit of a PhD on Bharata’s Natyashastra. She currently teaches creative and academic writing at Ashoka University.

  • Dorling Kindersl...

    Dorling Kindersley is the world’s leading illustrated reference publisher of high-quality books and online resources for children and adults. Established in 1974 in London, DK produces content in over 87 countries, and in 62 languages.

  • Gavin Bishop

    Gavin Bishop, from New Zealand, is a children’s writer of international, as well as local, reputation. As a picture book author and artist, he has published 70 books that have been translated into twelve languages and won numerous awards. He has also written the libretti for two children’s ballets for the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

  • Greystroke

    Greystroke is a self-taught artist who’s been drawing ever since he can remember. He has been a writer, illustrator, art director (even publisher) for over 20 years now. He’s a photographer and filmmaker as well.

  • Habib & Shubham

    Habib Ali is studying BFA in Gwalior and has been training and illustrating with the Riyaaz Academy in Bhopal. He has illustrated books for many publishers and magazines. Shubham Lakhera is studying BFA in Gwalior and has been training and illustrating with the Riyaaz Academy in Bhopal. He has illustrated books for many publishers and magazines. He also likes humming old Hindi songs.

  • Ira Saxena

    Ira Saxena is a child psychologist, writer and reviewer of children’s books. She is the recipient of Shankar’s Silver Medal for Writing in 1996. She is the founding member and Secretary of the AWIC.

  • Janaki Sabesh

    A seasoned media professional and actor, Janaki Sabesh loves stories – telling, writing and living them. As the founder of Golpo – Tales Unlimited, she mixes stories with theatre, movement, and music and creates magic! She has recently turned author with her book, The Jungle Storytelling Festival, published by Tulika Publishers.

  • Jayshree Misra-T...

    Although a teacher for many years, Jayshree Misra-Tripathi is still a keen student, an observer, learning something new every day and seeking out harmony in the world around her. She enjoys watching plays, listening to music and writing!

  • Jeeva Raghunath

    Jeeva Raghunath pioneered the storytelling movement in Tamil Nadu and has represented India at various festivals around the globe. Her company Kathaikalatta organises an international storytelling festival “Under the Aalamaram!”. She smells, tastes, feels, sees and hears stories!

  • Minsu Kwag & Lim...

    Minsu Kwag (left) is devoted to writing and illustrating the stories she has been treasuring deep in her heart. Lim Jeong Jin (right) is a children’s television scriptwriter turned professional author, who also performs at storytelling festivals around the world. She is the president of the Korean Board of Books for Young people (Korean Board on Books for Young People).

  • Joeanna Rebello

    Joeanna Rebello believes she was once an Old Building – home to a hundred different lives that sang, ate and danced within her. It explains why she’s drawn to old buildings in this life. And why her children’s book, Treasure at the Train Station, has a grand old building at the heart of it – Victoria Terminus! She writes and edits for a living.

  • Kamal Pruthi

    Kamal Pruthi, the very own Kabuliwala of kids, the man with the jhola of stories is the only Performance Storyteller in India who writes songs and performs stories in German along with six other Indian languages.

  • Kamla Bhasin

    Kamla Bhasin loves writing, hates injustice and believes in the power of love to transform the world. She has spent her life challenging gender discrimination through her books and songs.

  • Karishma Mahbuba...

    Karishma Mahbubani is a storyteller with an avid love for early childhood education, books, shoes and her family, but not necessarily in that order. She lives by the beach and calls Chennai her home.

  • Karthika Gopalak...

    Karthika Gopalakrishnan is a writer, storyteller, daydreamer, and dedicated polish-off-er of jars of chocolate ganache. She enjoys her work as an editor but she really likes making children laugh – and making appallingly bad puns. Sonali Shenoy has a penchant for stories that do not fit in boxes. As a journalist, she has written on a range of topics, including crocodiles in love. The Dog Who Taught Me Math is her first children’s book.

  • Kristin Roskifte

    Kristin Roskifte is a Norwegian illustrator and picture book author. She has made eight picture books with topics like crowds, surreal dream homes, queueing and animals with body issues. She is inspired by how different yet alike people are.

  • Leigh Hobbs

    Artist, author and Australian children’s Laureate 2016-2017, Leigh Hobbs is the creator of twenty children’s books featuring his characters Old Tom, Horrible Harriet, Mr Chicken, Fiona the Pig, Mr Badger and the FREAKS in 4F.

  • Mamta Nainy and ...

    Mamta Nainy moonlights as a writer and has a number of books to her credit. She loves travelling but is too lazy to do it, so she makes do with reading. Aniruddha Mukherjee gets his ideas at the stroke of his really long beard. He doodles non-stop, photographs river-sides, and can usually be spotted next to a pile of children’s books.

  • Maneka Gandhi

    Maneka Sanjay Gandhi is a politician, writer and animal rights activist. She is currently the Union cabinet minister for the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India.

    (Photo Courtesy: Press Information Bureau on behalf of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India/Wikimedia Commons)

  • Meghaa Aggarwal

    Meghaa Aggarwal says the funniest things without meaning to, but she’s terrible at telling jokes – mostly because she starts to laugh much before she ends them. She’s deeply inspired by the indomitable spirit of childhood.

  • Meredith Costain

    Meredith Costain grew up in Australia with a head full of stories and poems. Now she writes books for children. Funny books, scary books, books about animals with rhythm and rhyme.

  • Nagesh Hegde

    Nagesh Hegde’s writings in Kannada have become textbook lessons in schools and universities in Karnataka. He is also a recipient of Rajyotsava Award. He has been producing magazines, wall papers, posters, books, songs and pamphlets on ecology and environment for children.

  • Nina Sabnani

    Nina Sabnani uses film, illustration and writing to tell her stories. Her work in film and illustrated books seeks to bring together animation and ethnography. She has just won the 2018 Big Little Book Award for Illustrator.

  • Padma Damodaran

    Qissago Padma is an actor, director, writer and trainer. As a budding Qissago, she likes stories that are magical yet real, that are sad, yet full of joy, that are naughty and mischievous yet kind and caring, that are scary yet full of wonder. And just because she can, she uses song and dance.

  • Pow Aim Hailowng

    Pow Aim Hailowng is a huge fan of the Marvel movies. She thinks she would have excelled in astronomy at Hogwarts and is all for stargazing. Pow is pursuing a PhD in international legal studies from JNU.

  • Proiti Roy

    Proiti Roy illustrates for children’s books. A winner of the BLBA Illustrators Award 2017, she also helps animals who are ill, hurt or in trouble. She loves to sit at her desk – illustrating, surrounded by dogs she rescued, with a hot cup of tea. She is the winner of Tata Trust’s Big Little Book Award (Illustrator) for 2017.

  • Rahul Kansal

    Rahul Kansal, a 61-year-old corporate executive, is an unlikely person to be writing these cock-and-bull animal tales for children. It was his two daughters (now in their twenties) who urged him to pen these fantasy-filled tales he once concocted for them at bedtime.

  • Ritu Vaishnav

    Ritu Vaishnav has taught children, edited books for them and also owns a bookstore just for children. She was also a journalist once but now spends most of her time escaping into books and far-off places.

  • Rituparna Ghosh

    Rituparna Ghosh caught the oral bug when she started telling stories to her son. A professional storyteller, trainer and consultant, she has discovered the child in herself and has decided never to grow up again!

  • Roopa Pai

    From Taranauts, India’s first complete fantasy-adventure series, to Ready! a thrilling skilling book, to the bestselling Gita For Children, Roopa Pai loves to jump worlds and universes in her writing.

  • Saattvic

    Qissago Saattvic is an Oxford-educated economist who works at a law firm, moonlights as an actor, starlights as a tabla player, torchlights as a playwright, candlelights as a singer and fairylights as a film-maker.

  • Samina Mishra

    Samina Mishra is a documentary filmmaker, writer and teacher based in New Delhi. She has a special interest in media for and about children. She hopes that her stories help children make sense of the world.

  • Samina Mishra

    Samina Mishra is a documentary filmmaker, writer and teacher based in New Delhi. She has a special interest in media for and about children. She hopes that her stories help children make sense of the world.

  • Sharad Kohli

    Sharad Kohli figured out early on he would never be as talented as Tansen, so was happy to settle for a life enjoying Hindustani Classical music. He is drawn to nature, music and books, and travels where his heart (and, occasionally, his mind) takes him.

  • Siddhartha Sarma

    Siddhartha Sarma is an Indian English novelist and journalist from Assam and the author of the young adult novel The Grasshopper’s Run, set against the Second World War in Assam and Nagaland. It won the 2009 Vodafone Crossword Book Award in Children’s Literature category and, in 2011, was shortlisted by the Sahitya Academy for its Bal Sahitya Puraskar.

  • Srividhya Venkat

    Srividhya Venkat hopped, skipped and jumped careers to find the one she’s most passionate about – writing and storytelling for children. She often wishes that houses were made with books, not bricks.

  • Stephen Aitken

    Stephen Aitken loves books! He writes books. He makes pictures for books. And, he buys way too many books. His house is full of – you guessed it – books! He thinks he is a bookie monster!

  • Sudarshan Khanna...

    Professor Sudarshan Khanna was Principal Designer, Chairman of Education & Research and Head of Toy Innovation Centre at the National Institute of Design (NID). He has written three children’s book – Joy of Making Indian Toys, Dynamic Folk Toys, Toys & Tales with everyday material. Surabhi Khanna is a design nut, with some play and bountiful search.

  • Sumi Chandrasekh...

    Sumi Chandrasekharan grew up spending her summer holidays with her cousins listening to their grandmother’s stories. She told some of those stories to her two children and has now adapted her favourite one, Kozhukatta, into a book.

  • Sylvia Sikundar

    Sylvia Sikundar is based in Canada. She loves writing children’s books. She also plays pickleball which is a new sport combing bit of tennis, badminton and ping pong all mixed together like a pickle.

  • Vaishali Shroff

    Vaishali Shroff is the author of The Adventures of Padma and a Blue Dinosaur, Raindrops, Ari, The Missing Bat and Purple Turtle pop-up books, among others. Many of her poems and stories are part of the CBSE curriculum. At the moment she has gone piggy-back on a blue dinosaur into space and hopes to land back on earth like a meteoric fireball of stories!

  • Veronika Resslov...

    Veronika Resslova, born in 1973 in the Czech Republic, is a language teacher, freelance artist and curator who currently works as Czech Visiting Lecturer at the University of Delhi. She is interested in visual art, linguistics and Mahayana Buddhism.

  • Wendy Cooling

    Wendy Cooling has been involved in a range of projects to promote reading – in the UK and worldwide. She has edited collections of stories and poems and has received many awards.

  • Yann Degruel

    Yann Degruel transforms himself into an “immobile traveller” through his books and shares the fruits of his literary escapades with the reader. His inspiration comes from a strong taste for adventure and the joy of designing a story.