Jaipur 2017

Jaipur, here we come again!


It is going to be Bookaroo time again in Jawahar Kala Kendra.

On November 18th and 19th, the Jawahar Kala Kendra (or JKK as it is commonly referred to) will once again play host to a thrilling array of storytelling, book reading, crafts, drama and much, much more.

Located on Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, JKK is the place where something or the other keeps happening – in the cultural space. This year, Bookaroo has speakers from four other countries – Portugal, Australia, Poland and the UK.  Add to this a mind-boggling assortment of Indian stories and you get a tantalising taste of what is to come.

The sessions will be conducted in Hindi and English. On the weekend of November 18th and 19th, you know where you have to be

Timing: 11am to 430 pm

Check out the line-up of speakers who are going to keep you in thrall.



  • Avanti Deosthale

    Avanti Deosthale is social worker-translator-storyteller rolled into one. She loves reading and writing, talking and having fun with children, but most of all she loves to laugh, make others laugh then laugh some more!

  • Champa Saha

    Champa Saha is a teacher, special educator and counsellor who has been reading, listening to and telling stories ever since she can remember.

  • Debi Gliori

    Born Scottish-Italian, Debi Gliori always wanted to make pictures for a living. After Art School, she also wanted to make children, so she has 5 children, and has made 75 books in her spare time.

  • Deepa Balsavar

    Mumbai based illustrator Deepa Balsavar would be happy to grow old surrounded by books, children and animals. She enjoys teaching and has developed material for educational programmes for 20 years.

  • Jose Valente

    José Valente is a violist of both classical and jazz music. When composing he goes for long walks to help him imagine sounds. He also has to walk about whenever he talks on the phone!

  • Lavanya Karthik

    Lavanya Karthik has the best job in the world – writing and drawing books for children. She also eats a lot of cake and talks to street dogs… occasionally they talk back (the dogs, not the cake).

  • Marta Bernardes

    Marta Bernardes, an award-winning writer, artist, musician and performer, eats chocolate as she dreams and looks for answers to the mysteries of nature. She lives with Sun (not the one in the sky – her dog!).

  • Miles Merrill

    Miles Merrill was born with large springs on his head. He bounced around the world performing stories and had the springs removed. Now he’s just like you – until the springs grow back!

  • Naresh Ramamurth...

    Naresh Ramamurthy carries a large black bag everywhere he goes. Some say that it contains strange artefacts, broken phrases and forgotten songs. He sleeps while he moves. He trades his stories for bread and soup.

  • Natasha Sharma

    Natasha Sharma’s childhood featured dogs, rabbits, horses, buffaloes and the occasional squirrel. She graduated in Maths, did an MBA, worked as a brand manager, and is now happily doing what she loves most – writing books for children.

  • Neha Singh

    Neha Singh loves creating stories through books, plays and films. She believes there is a crazy story inside every person itching to be told.

  • Nina Sabnani

    Mumbai based Nina Sabnani is an internationally acclaimed animator-filmmaker. She has been teaching illustration, script writing and storyboarding, and storytelling at IDC, IIT Bombay, and simultaneously making films on diverse issues.

  • Piotr Karski

    Piotr Karski started drawing 28 years ago at the age of 2. One year later he made his first trek in the Tatra Mountains. He published his first children book just after graduating in Warsaw.

  • Roopa Pai

    Roopa Pai loves to jump worlds and universes, from picture books to chapter books, and fiction to non-fiction. When not writing stories for children, she leads history and heritage walks for them around her beloved Bangalore.

  • Saattvic

    Saattvic is an Oxford-educated economist who works at a law firm, moonlights as an actor, starlights as a tabla player, torchlights as a playwright, candlelights as a singer and fairylights as a film-maker.

  • Samvedna Amitabh

    Samvedna Amitabh is an award-winning poet and writer. This ex-journalist with a deep passion for folk tales, music and dance is the founder of Kahaanipur. She lives in Mumbai with her husband and daughter.

  • Siddhant Shah

    Siddhant Shah, a heritage architect and access management consultant, works with museums and art galleries to bridge the gap between cultural heritage and disability, through educational and multi-sensory experiential activities, for children with special needs.

  • Suvidha Mistry

    Suvidha Mistry is an illustrator who enjoys telling stories through her sketches and photographs. She is a yoga enthusiast and her diary is a treasure trove of leaves, flowers and memories from her various journeys.

  • Team Eklavya

    Team Eklavya – represented by Prem Manmouji and Vishawas Sathya – has been working in the field of education for the last 30 years to make learning fun by using art and craft. They believe every child is important.

  • Udit Parasher

    Udit Parasher is an actor and a storyteller based in Mumbai. He holds a diploma in acting and has acted in several plays. He has performed at Prithvi Theatre, NCPA and the Cuckoo Club.

  • Usha Venkatraman

    Fearless princesses, a beautiful cockroach with a street-smart granny, wonderfully quirky kings and queens – this is the world of Usha Venkatraman, a spoken word storyteller, who weaves magic with her words and puppets.

  • Wendy Cooling

    Wendy Cooling has been involved in a range of projects to promote reading not only in the UK but also worldwide. A true Book Dabbler!