Delhi 2017


As the India Gate circle is a high-security zone, all cars will have to be parked in Bhairon Road parking lot or on official parking lots around India Gate, not in the circle. Please try and use public transport, Uber or Ola to come to the venue.  Nearest metro stations are Central Secretariat and Barakhamba Road.

Join in the biggest birthday party of the year for children!

Bookaroo, India’s first children’s literature festival, will be celebrating its 10th birthday on the 25th and 26th November from 10.30am to 5.30pm at Children’s Park (near India Gate).

The celebrations have already started with 10 walls around the city being painted with illustrations from children’s books.

Come and meet over 50 award-winning writers, illustrators, poets and storytellers, including 18 from outside India. Enjoy Delhi’s first Ski Slalom, a Story Mountain, the original Oranginus Tragonus Transmuter, an Indian Beach and an Upside Down Forest, two duelling illustrators competing in the Battle of the Brushes and history in a bowl of paneer makhani.

Be ready for fun and games galore with stories and books in all forms, shapes and sizes – and a very special cake of course!

Entry is free and open to all. There is no pre-registration.


  • Amar Chitra Kath...

    Amar Chitra Katha makes comics for people of all ages. For 50 years, they’ve been telling stories that are dear to India – exploits of Indian warriors, wondrous tales from the epics, fables and folktales.

  • Anita Nair

    Anita Nair writes for adults and children. If animals could read, she would write for them. She lives in Bangalore with 11 cats, 25 trees and many monkeys. She hopes to add 5 dogs and a donkey to her family.

  • Anushka Ravishan...

    Anushka Ravishankar has never met a monster or a crocodile. Disappointed at her boring and monster-deprived childhood, she decided to make life exciting by creating strange creatures – humans, animals, and monsters – in her books.


    ‘Champion of Champions’ at BBC Mastermind India, Archana Garodia Gupta has a passion for books, languages, travel and history. This top businesswoman from IIMA has been on TV on the expert panel of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’.

  • Avanti Devasthal...

    Avanti Devasthale is social worker-translator-storyteller rolled into one. She loves reading and writing, talking and having fun with children, but most of all she loves to laugh, make others laugh then laugh some more!


    Bhakti Mathur, creator of the Amma Tell Me and Amma Take Me to series , juggles her time in Hong Kong between writing, long-distance running, yoga and her family. She is happiest reading a book.

  • Champa Saha

    Champa Saha is a teacher, special educator, and counselor who has been reading, listening to and telling stories ever since she can remember.

  • Christian Duda

    Christian Duda is actually called Christian Achmed Gad Elkarim and is a German theatre director and screenwriter. He writes books for both adults and children under the name of Christian Duda.

  • Cintia Martin

    Cintia Martin spends a lot of time juggling her different roles as a creative director, illustrator and designer. She loves playing and folding different textured paper and the smell of inks – and lattes!

  • Consueleo Digón

    Always surrounded by children both at home and at school, Consueleo Digón, editor, writer and educator, can often be seen talking with her puppets and the trees or listening carefully to the characters from her books.

  • David Liew

    After years of drawing funny pictures to entertain his bored history students, David Liew decided that it was more fun to be paid to draw those funny pictures…. And maybe tell a few stories along the way.

  • Debi Gliori

    Born Scottish-Italian, Debi Gliori always wanted to make pictures for a living. After Art School, she also wanted to make children, so she has 5 children, and has made 75 books in her spare time.

  • DK

    DK is the world’s leading illustrated reference publisher of high-quality books and online resources for children and adults. Established in 1974 in London, DK produces content in over 87 countries, and in 62 languages.

  • Gautam Benegal

    Gautam Benegal remembers raiding his father’s art studio as a tiny tot. He hasn’t stopped creating since then. There’s never a dull moment in this writer, animation film maker, author, artist and children’s illustrator’s life.

  • Jeena Shaji

    Jeena Shaji is a teacher with Amiown Amity’s Pre-School, who believes in the power of music. Music and action speak louder than words.

  • Joëlle Jolivet

    Say “Bonjour India” to acclaimed French illustrator Joëlle Jolivet! With a degree in Graphic Art and Advertising, Joëlle went on to draw on her love for engraving and printing, and sharpened her skills in lino-cutting.

  • José Valente

    José Valente is a violist of both classical and jazz music. When composing he goes for long walks to help him imagine sounds. He also has to walk about whenever he talks on the phone!

  • K Krishna

    K Krishna’s horoscope predicted “a ballerina, bulldozer driver and trapeze artist” which was a devastating blow to her plans of being a desert-princess-turned-bandit. But as a writer she can be all of these and more!

  • Kamla Karki

    Kamla Karki is a keen mountaineer, traveller and collector. She often entertains her students at Amiown, Amity’s Pre-School, with some of her holiday stories and souvenirs.

  • Kapil Pandey

    Kapil Pandey discovered his passion for storytelling at the grand old age of 30 when he met the Gruffalo in the deep dark wood. When not telling stories he runs marathons and sometimes goes to work.

  • Karthika Naïr

    Karthika Naïr is a poet and dance producer/curator/scriptwriter. Cynical dogs, cantankerous demon-tigers, feisty goddesses and honey-loving young ‘uns populate her writing, almost as much as mercurial dancers her life.

  • Kavita Singh Kal...

    Kavita Singh Kale, illustrator and co-founder of Underground Worm Art & Design studio wants to travel anywhere and everywhere with her five-year-old daughter. Strangers, acquaintances, family and friends are the building blocks for her narratives.

  • Kaye Tew

    Kaye Tew directs the Manchester Children’s Book Festival at Manchester Metropolitan University. She loves reading, singing and making things and can often be found doing all three in her old, cute camper van, with her old, cute dogs

  • Kris Di Giacomo

    Kris Di Giacomo, an American illustrator who has lived in France since childhood, uses different styles, techniques, and colours to bring out the humour and emotion of each new story on many levels.

  • Lavanya Karthik

    Lavanya Karthik has the best job in the world – writing and drawing books for children. She also eats a lot of cake and talks to street dogs… occasionally they talk back (the dogs, not the cake).

  • Marcela Romero G...

    Marcela Romero Garcia thinks that words are magic so when she formed a storytelling group with two friends, they called themselves “The Witches”. After a childhood spent listening to stories she now tells stories.

  • Mariam Karim-Ahl...

    Novelist, playwright and children’s writer Mariam Karim-Ahlawat was born in Lucknow and educated in New Delhi and Paris. Her childhood pets – owls, mongooses, dogs, cats and guinea pigs – appear in her latest book.

  • Mark and Rowan S...

    Mark and Rowan Sommerset might be crazy. They write stories about intelligent sheep, stupid turkeys and talking corks! They live with their son on a small island in New Zealand. The word “sausage” always makes them laugh

  • Marta Bernardes

    Marta Bernardes, an award-winning writer, artist, musician and performer, eats chocolate as she dreams and looks for answers to the mysteries of nature. She lives with Sun (not the one in the sky – her dog!).

  • Miles Merrill

    Miles Merrill was born with large springs on his head. He bounced around the world performing stories and had the springs removed. Now he’s just like you – until the springs grow back!

  • Mistunee Chowdhu...

    Freelance illustrator Mistunee Chowdhury loves to play with colours, styles, papers, clothes and clay. Mistunee misses the forests of Shantiniketan where she grew up and her menagerie of pets including a tortoise and assorted insects.

  • Nancy Raj

    Nancy Raj enjoys capturing people’s emotions and daily life through sketches. She likes to spread energy and laughter through her pictures – which is why she revels in doing comic strips, caricaturing family and friends.

  • Nandana Dev Sen

    A writer, actor and child-rights activist, Nandana Dev Sen has also worked as a book editor, screenwriter, poetry translator and Princess Jasmine in Disneyland. She loves to eat, play, bike, dance, rhyme and argue. (

  • Naresh Ramamurth...

    Naresh Ramamurthy carries a large black bag everywhere he goes. Some say that it contains strange artifacts, broken phrases and forgotten songs. He sleeps while he moves. He trades his stories for bread and soup.

  • Parnab Mukherjee

    A spoken word performer, independent media analyst, curator and a performance consultant by profession, Parnab Mukherjee is one of the leading alternative theatre directors and campus public speaking experts of the country.

  • Piotr Karski

    Piotr Karski started drawing 28 years ago at the age of 2. One year later he made his first trek in the Tatra Mountains. He published his first children book just after graduating in Warsaw.

  • Prabha Singh

    Prabha Singh enjoys creating rhymes to set little hands clapping and little feet tapping in her classroom at Amoiwn Amity’s Pre-School. A keen cook, she combines Indian and Chinese flavours – sometimes with mixed results!

  • Ranjit Lal

    Ranjit Lal has written over thirty books for both adults and children. He has written about birds and animals and tiger families and human families stranger than any found in the animal world.

  • Renu Anand

    Renu Anand is an experienced content developer and writer who is passionate about the environment. Her mission is to make all young people think about and care for Planet Earth.

  • Richa Jha

    Richa Jha breathes-reads-writes-publishes-dreams picture books and knows she has the funnest hobby-cum-profession in the world.

  • Roshni Vyam

    Roshni Vyam is a widely-exhibited, much-awarded Gond artist who takes traditional art forms to exciting and experimental new heights. She loves mythology and painting, and is a woman of few words whose art speaks volumes!

  • Sampurna Chattar...

    Sampurna Chattarji began writing as a kid and never outgrew the habit! She has written novels and poetry for adults, young adults and children, and her translations include Sukumar Ray’s poetry.

  • Savio Mascarenha...

    Savio Mascarenhas has been involved in the world of comics for the past 22 years. The creator of characters such as Super Suppandi and Little Shambhu is currently the Group Art Director of Amar Chitra Katha.

  • Sayoni Basu

    Sayoni Basu has written many words, usually in emails, to-do lists and forms. Phiss Phuss Boom is her first one-third book.

  • Seema Wahi Mukhe...

    Seema Wahi Mukherjee loves to add surprise and suspense to her stories by pulling out puppets and props from her jaadu ka pitara, with a dash of drama and a sprinkling of songs.

  • Shabnam Minwalla

    Shabnam Minwalla is a mother of three. In the little time off that this brain-scrambling job permits, she writes books for children and adults, magazine articles and book reviews.

  • Shalini Tayal

    Shalini Tayal is a storyworm who loves to take her listeners on story walks through exotic fairy lands, deep oceans, dark forests, swirling snowstorms while stopping to sip lemonade with ghosts and share cookies with monsters

  • Shilpa Chandar

    Shilpa Chandar followed her love of drama, music and dance to become a professional theatre artist. This stands her in good stead at Amiown Amity’s Pre-School, where she acts out stories with poetry and puppets.

  • Shruti Garodia

    A Cornell graduate, Shruti Garodia is an incurable reader, history buff and story-spinner. When not exploring historic sites, she is trying new adventures – scuba diving in Egypt, trekking to Machu Picchu or sailing in Greece.

  • Siddhant Shah

    Siddhant Shah, a heritage architect and access management consultant, works with museums and art galleries to bridge the gap between cultural heritage and disability, through educational and multi-sensory experiential activities, for children with special needs.

  • Sunila Kaul

    Sunila Kaul, an interior designer turned teacher at Amiown Amity’s Pre-School, loves colours and likes to add them to her clothes and home. She never intends to grow up and loves being with children.

  • Swagata Sen Pill...

    Swagata Sen Pillai wears many hats. She is a Bharatanatyam dancer, a theatre practitioner, a polyglot who can speak over 12 languages, a filmmaker, but most importantly a storyteller at heart.

  • Tonya Bolden

    Tonya Bolden is a critically acclaimed award-winning author, co-author and editor of more than forty books. History – which she hated as a child – is her passion.

  • Venita Coelho

    Venita Coelho’s love of stories and adventures has taken her from television to films to books to her latest adventure – a journey across India in her caravan with her daughter and her dog for company.

  • Vibha Batra

    Movies (the soppy ones), meals (unlimited South Indian thalis) and mad sitcoms are some of Vibha Batra’s favourite things. She is the one in the café, hunched over her laptop, typing like a woman possessed.

  • Vivek Menon

    Vivek Menon is a wildlife conservationist and photographer with a passion for elephants. As Founder and Executive Director of the Wildlife Trust India (WTI), his mission is to help coonserve wildlife and its habitats.

  • Wendy Cooling

    Wendy Cooling has been involved in a range of projects to promote reading not only in the UK but also worldwide. A true Book Dabbler!

  • Zeba Jacob

    As a teenager Zeba Jacob dreamt of being an actress but her life took another direction. As a teacher at Amiown Amity’s Pre-School she uses drama to make stories come alive.