Pune 2015


What can one say about one of Bookaroo’s favourite cities? What makes Pune so special for us? That is a question, we have asked ourselves over and over again.

Is it the parents who make sure that their children are in the venue on the dot of the opening session? Is it our partners Sakal Times? There is something about Pune that draws Bookaroo. Not surprisingly, this was Bookaroo’s third visit to the Queen of the Deccan. And it just gets better each time.

A new venue, a new set of speakers, a fantastic spread of sessions and the warmth of Pune’s children as well as their infectious enthusiasm made every minute worth its while.

As the glorious weekend wound its way to the inevitable end on December 13th, there were more than a few people who were misty eyed. They were possibly looking into Act 4 in 2016.

So are we.

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