Goa 2015

It was just like making new friends. And it had all the signs of a friendship that only grows.

A bit slow to move out of the blocks, the children of Goa (and their parents) got into the groove pretty fast and by the end of the second day were asking: “Why don’t you come back next Saturday?”

Compliments don’t come higher than that. All of us – the speakers, organisers, the volunteers and the visitors – had great fun. The Gomantak Times team, the ZeeQ team and the wonderful team of White Copper who transformed a quiet and sleepy Mahavir Garden into a bustling metropolis for the weekend of December 5th and 6th, need special mention. Thirty-four speakers pumped up the weekend with their magnetic sessions.

One thing is sure. Goa, we are coming back!

So do not worry if you missed it this year. Take a look at the programme schedule. We promise to make it even better.

  • Angela Ferrao

    Angela Ferrao loved drawing, and that was what she did most of the time to her teacher’s dismay, while in school. Today she uses the skills to illustrate books for children.

  • Anita Pinto

    Anita Pinto loves writing for children, and whips out her mobile phone to remind you of how young she feels while doing just that.

  • Anushka Ravishan...

    Anushka Ravishankar has never met a monster or a crocodile. Disappointed at her boring and monster-deprived childhood, she decided to make life exciting by creating strange creatures – humans, animals and monsters – in her books.

  • Arundhati Venkat...

    Arundhati Venkatesh writes about football fans and tiffin thieves, tooth troubles and petu problems, snoring giants and book-eating monsters. When not cooking up stories or dreaming of food, she haunts bookstores and libraries in Bangalore.

  • Belinda Viegas

    Belinda Viegas is a doctor, of the real kind… but she loves taking amazingly long cycle rides and writing for children.

  • Bookworm Trust

    Bookworm came up 10 years ago with the thought of creating a rich accessible collection of children’s books. It has now evolved to create a tool which empowers and recognises the need to comprehend the written word.

  • Cheryl Rao

    Cheryl Rao has been 11-going-on-12 for several decades with no plans to grow up. She writes for her age group and younger children. She joins children for creative writing sessions whenever they will have her.

  • Damodar Mauzo

    Damodar Mauzo is is an award-winning novelist, short story writer, critic, script writer and writer of children’s books and the best known Konkani writer. A beloved grandpa he is also easily Goa’s most loved man of letters

  • Deborah Abela

    Deborah Abela is short and not very brave but that didn’t stop her jumping off a roof as a kid, sleeping next to alligators and only just escaping from an avalanche. Join her as she shares the secret of creating her own heroes.

  • Deepak Dalal

    Deepak Dalal. Writer, traveller, trekker, wildlife enthusiast. Loves India’s wild places. Enjoy exploring, researching and writing stories (in that order).

  • Jeeva Raghunath

    Jeeva Raghunath is a teacher, writer and storyteller who tells her tales in three languages – French, English and Tamil. Her repertoire includes folk tales, true-life and cross-cultural stories.

  • Kala Ramesh

    Neck deep in haiku, her face barely visible, Kala Ramesh, will take you for a swim in a distant river in Japan! Come, enter the cool waters! Discover the magic of a 9 word poem!

  • Katarina Genar

    Katarina Genar is the author of several critically acclaimed novels for children that are loved by the young readers. Her stories contain several layers, both enigmatic and somewhat mysterious.

  • Lana Hansen

    Lana Hansen comes from the top of the world near the north pole. An Inuk from Greenland filled with the spirit of the Nanoq (ice bear), Lana is an award-winning writer and passionate climate activist.

  • Lavanya Prasad

    Lavanya Prasad is the founder of Tale’scope, an organization the aims at a clear vision of anything and everything through stories. If not telling stories Lavanya can be seen with a mug of coffee, dreaming

  • Lisa Dias Noronh...

    Born in Goa, Lisa was given a pair of wings to fly to Vienna. After 21 years, a little Angel called Anjali gave her another pair of wings to return. She is now on Chorao Island with countless stories to narrate.

  • Malavika PC

    Malavika PC is an artist who likes making up stories and creatures. Currently she is creating zoos, jungles, and deep pools full of creatures that fly, crawl, slither, swim and jug or bug – from chairs!

  • Martin Widmark

    Martin Widmark is considered one of the giants of current children’s fiction. His books are consistently on the best-seller lists and have been translated into more than 30 languages.

  • Payal Kapadia

    Payal Kapadia is an award-winning writer who lives with one husband, two children and three imaginary friends. Payal was fed up of reading grim books about horrid children — her latest book is about horrid grown-ups instead!

  • Prashanti Talpan...

    Prashanti Talpankar is a lecturer by profession, a social activist and writer of stories for adults and children by passion. An award-winning actress, her goal is to plant the seeds of stories and watch them grow.

  • Rebecca Manari

    Rebecca Manari is a writer, dreamer and teacher who lives on the beach in Goa with her husband and two children whom she home schools.

  • Roopa Pai

    Roopa Pai is a computer engineer who always knew she was going to write for children. She is currently hard at work trying to earn the right to this epitaph: She was often content.

  • Satomi Ichikawa

    Satomi Ichikawa, a writer and illustrator, moved to Paris from Japan, never imagining that she would stay forever, or that drawing would become her passion. A doll collector and dancer, she travels the world to stay inspired.

  • Shashi Shetye

    Shashi Shetye is a cartoonist, illustrator and calligrapher, who has won many prestigious awards. He runs his own independent design studio but his favourite challenge is illustrating children’s books.

  • The Hungry Mind

    The Hungry Mind believes imagination is as important as knowledge so their mission is to introduce children to the magic and wonder found within a good book and thus ignite a lifelong passion.

  • The Mustard Seed...

    The Mustard Seed Art Company is an amateur theatre group that has been consistently doing theatre for 28 years. It believes that everyone is creative; it underlines collaboration and fosters creativity-in-community.

  • Vasanti Unka

    Vasanti Unka was born and grew up in New Zealand. Her parents were from India. You’ll enjoy hearing about her uniquely crazy account of how she survived in her world of two cultures.

  • Venita Coelho

    Venita Coelho writes for film and television but her first love is books. She has led protests against many things, especially for animals with whom we share the world. She loves adventures – the armchair variety!

  • Vikram Nandwani

    Vikram Nandwani, a self-styled cartoonist and illustrator, gave up his career in IT to run a cartoon series Verry India. Based in Pune he “draws” inspiration from everything that is so amazing about India.

  • Wendy Cooling

    Wendy Cooling has been involved in a range of projects to promote rading not only in the UK but worldwide. A true Book Dabbler!