Srinagar 2018

It is Bookaroo’s 5th Year in Srinagar and we are naturally excited about this milestone.

Back in 2011 when we first ventured into Srinagar, a fifth year of Bookaroo in the beautiful Valley was an unthinkable possibility. However, thanks to the DP Dhar Memorial Trust,  and the unstinting support of Kiran and Vijay Dhar, Vikas and Sunanda, who kept backing the festival year after year (barring a few unforeseeable interruptions), Bookaroo has a home in Srinagar.

Here’s looking forward to a stupendous Fifth Edition of celebrating books and reading.

 Dates: November 3rd and 4th, 2018
Venue: DPS Srinagar

For a look at the speakers visiting Bookaroo Srinagar, click here.

  • Andaleeb Wajid

    Andaleeb Wajid has been writing since she was ten but had to wait twenty years to be published! Her two sons do not read her books but are a constant source of inspiration.

  • Arefa Tehsin

    Arefa Tehsin grew up treading jungles with her naturalist father. She was often found trying to catch a snake or spin a yarn. The Ex-Honorary Wildlife Warden, Udaipur, is the author of several books and a columnist in newspapers and magazines.

  • Bijal Vachharaja...

    When Bijal Vachharajani is not reading Harry Potter or worrying about climate change, she can be found traipsing around the jungles of India. When you meet her, ask her why she is known as Editor Scissorhands.

  • Champa Saha

    Champa Saha is a teacher, special educator and counsellor who has been reading, listening to and telling stories ever since she can remember.

  • Gautam Benegal

    Gautam Benegal will probably be silently figuring out what you’d look like on paper from the moment you are introduced. He likes cartoons as well as serious stuff and has held exhibitions of his paintings in Important Sounding Places.

  • Kailash Waghmare

    Kailash Waghmare is an actor-singer who has worked in several renowned plays and in Marathi films. He sleeps, dreams and thinks theatre.

  • Kapil Pandey

    Kapil Pandey discovered his passion for storytelling at the grand old age of 30 when he met the Gruffalo in the deep dark wood. When not telling stories, he runs marathons and sometimes goes to work.

  • Lavanya Karthik

    Lavanya Karthik has the best job in the world – writing and drawing books for children. She also eats a lot of cake and talks to street dogs… occasionally they talk back (the dogs, not the cake).

  • Malavika P C

    Malavika PC is an artist, illustrator and performer who lives and works from her studio in Pondicherry. She loves to draw on and with paper and is currently working on a picture book.

  • Neha Singh

    Neha Singh loves creating stories through books, plays and films. She believes there is a crazy story inside every person, itching to be told.

  • Proiti Roy

    Proiti Roy illustrates for children’s books. She also helps animals who are ill, hurt or in trouble. She loves to sit at her desk- illustrating, surrounded by dogs she rescued, with a hot cup of tea.

  • Saattvic

    Saattvic is an economist who works at a law firm, moonlights as an actor, starlights as a tabla player, torchlights as a playwright, candlelights as a singer and fairylights as a film-maker.

  • Sajid Mohiuddin

    Sajid Mohiuddin, who hails from the serene town of Sumbal loves to stay active at all times. An NSD-trained theatre actor and drama writer, he recreates Kashmiri folk stories through visuals and performing art.

  • Savio Mascarenha...

    Savio Mascarenhas’ is the creative mind behind Super Suppandi, the super avatar of Suppandi. He is also the artist for Little Shambu, based on the childhood adventures of Shikari Shambu.

  • Shabnam Minwalla

    Shabnam Minwalla was senior assistant editor with the Times of India but now has the even more brain-scrambling job of being a mother of three. When time permits, she dons her writer’s hat!

  • Siddhant Shah

    Siddhant Shah, a TEDx speaker, heritage architect and accessibility consultant with UNESCO, works with museums and art galleries to bridge the gap between cultural heritage and disability, through multi-sensory experiential activities, for children with special needs.

  • Team Fevicreate

    Fevicreate develops creative hobby ideas for children of all ages. Their aim is to use craft as a tool to make learning simpler, helping children’s development in a meaningful and fun way so that they become more creative and solutions-oriented.

  • Vikram Sridhar

    Vikram Sridhar grew up on stories of laddoos and curd rice. Once grown up, he decided to combine his varied pursuits of drama, rescuing monkeys and working with underprivileged children by becoming a storyteller.