Pune 2015


What can one say about one of Bookaroo’s favourite cities? What makes Pune so special for us? That is a question, we have asked ourselves over and over again.

Is it the parents who make sure that their children are in the venue on the dot of the opening session? Is it our partners Sakal Times? There is something about Pune that draws Bookaroo. Not surprisingly, this was Bookaroo’s third visit to the Queen of the Deccan. And it just gets better each time.

A new venue, a new set of speakers, a fantastic spread of sessions and the warmth of Pune’s children as well as their infectious enthusiasm made every minute worth its while.

As the glorious weekend wound its way to the inevitable end on December 13th, there were more than a few people who were misty eyed. They were possibly looking into Act 4 in 2016.

So are we.

To see what happened on December 12th and 13th, 2015 in Pune, click here

  • Aasakta Kalamanc...

    Aasakta Kalamanch is a group of contemporary theatre performers based in Pune. Since 2004 it has been supporting young performing artists to come together and experiment with theatrical forms and tackle new themes.

  • Ajay Dasgupta

    Children are everywhere – on footpaths, in bastis, in makeshift schools and housing societies, but, where are the storytellers? Ajay Dasgupta likes to take his bag of stories to children who have little or no access.

  • Amar Chitra Kath...

    Founded in 1967, Amar Chitra Katha is a household name in India. It is the byword for exquisitely illustrated comics which bring alive the epics, mythology, folktales and the brave hearts of our multi-cultural nation.

  • Amishi Seth

    Author, writer, director, trainer, idea generator, Amishi Seth is based in Mumbai. The Goofies and the Alien is her first full-length work for children

  • Andaleeb Wajid

    Andaleeb Wajid used to write restaurant reviews but that made her hungry all the time so she went back to writing books. She has two sons, one obsessed with his hairdo, the other known as Captain Bossypants.

  • Anjana

    In the brief time she spends in the real world, Anjana, an award-winning writer, freelances as a journalist. She loves scuba-diving, climbing (mountains not trees), exploring haunted places – anything to avoid growing up.

  • Champa Saha

    Champa Saha is a teacher, special educator and counsellor who has been reading, listening to and telling stories ever since she can remember. She loves to share the power of stories with everyone, especially emotionally disturbed children.

  • Deborah Abela

    When Deborah Abela was young, she was caught in a sandstorm, harassed by monkeys and thrown in jail twice! She now writes adventures about spies, ghosts, soccer and kids who battle sea monsters, which is safer but just as fun.

  • Dr. Kavita Gupta...

    Dr. Kavita Gupta Merchant, scientist by qualification and artist by choice, expresses her creativity through clay believing that clay is more flexible than an acrobat and helps to bring out the Michaelangelo in us all.


    FunOKPlease Publishing India is a Mumbai based publisher of children’s books in English with a focus on contemporary Indian content for children in the ages of 3-10 years.

  • Jane De Suza

    Jane De Suza is a popular humour writer for children. She has an MBA and was a leading creative director, till she found she could turn annoying people into ghosts for a living.

  • Jyotin Goel

    No one knows this writer’s secret identity. What’s known is he lives by the sea, understands Fishy (water creature speech) and translates the Septopus adventures from Fishy into English under the assumed name ‘Jyotin Goel’.

  • Katie Bagli

    Katie Bagli is an avid nature lover who expresses her passion through her story books. When she is not writing she enjoys nature trails, wildlife workshops, storytelling and even puppet shows for children.

  • Meenu Thomas

    Meenu Thomas is a writer who was inspired by her work with children and teachers. She firmly believes that children are the best teachers as they show adults how magic does exist in the world.

  • Natasha Sharma

    Natasha Sharma’s childhood featured dogs, rabbits, horses, buffaloes and the occasional squirrel. She graduated in Maths, did an MBA, worked as a brand manager, and is now happily doing what she loves most – writing books for children.

  • Niloufer Wadia

    Niloufer Wadia started as a Visualiser and has worked in advertising for over 20 years. She feeds her passion for children’s book illustration by buying books whose pictures she likes, even if her eight-year-old doesn’t like them.

  • Priya Kuriyan

    Priya Kuriyan is an illustrator and animation film designer whose forte is the visual art of storytelling When she’s not Illustarting she is usually travelling to places (sometimes imaginary)far and near.

  • Rebecca Manari

    Rebecca Manari is a writer, dreamer and teacher who lives on the beach in Goa with her husband and two children whom she home schools.

  • Roopa Pai

    Roopa Pai is a computer engineer who always knew she was going to write for children. She is currently hard at work trying to earn the right to this epitaph: She was often content.

  • Sandhya Taksale

    Sandhya Taksale left the world of journalism after 20 years for the far more exciting world of editing children’s books. Her dream is to live in a world filled with books and storytelling. (In intro mention editor at Pratham books)

  • Scharada Dubey

    Scharada Dubey, former teacher, Tarot reader, web writer and radio announcer, loves cats, travel, and people who spend more time laughing than sighing. She is grateful her children brought her up to be a good teller of stories.

  • Shabnam Minwalla

    Shabnam Minwalla is a mother of three. In the little time off that this brain-scrambling job permits, she writes books for children and adults, magazine articles and book reviews.

  • Shailja Jain Cho...

    The world of drawings and cinema fascinates Shailja Jain Chougule. She loves trees, dogs and roaming with her daughter discovering stories. She is exploring ways to live more harmoniously with nature in the small everyday things.

  • Sowmya Rajendran

    Sowmya Rajendran enjoys writing for children and believes in creating work that encourages them to explore the world from multiple perspectives. She has written fiction and non-fiction books for all ages.

  • Tanvi Bhat

    Tanvi Bhat is a self-taught freelance illustrator who lives in Mumbai and loves the rains and children’s books. Her inspiration comes from things she sees when out exploring the streets of colourful India.

  • Tinkle

    With evergreen characters such as Suppandi and Shambu and award-winning storytelling and art, Tinkle has been imparting learning with fun for over 35 years – a ‘friend for life’ for generations of children.

  • Vasanti Unka

    Vasanti Unka was born and grew up in New Zealand. Her parents were from India. You’ll enjoy hearing about her uniquely crazy account of how she survived in her world of two cultures.

  • Vidya Bhagwat

    Vidya Bhagwat is an eminent storyteller whose use of drama, music and dance not only entertains but leads children to a greater understanding of people and the world around them.

  • Vidya Chikte

    Vidya Chikte, a counsellor, remedial tutor, and arts based therapist, is a passionate practitioner of various arts and educational practices, aimed at bringing out the fullest potential of every child who needs assistance

  • Vikram Nandwani

    Vikram Nandwani, a self-styled cartoonist and illustrator, gave up his career in IT to run a cartoon series Verry India. Based in Pune he “draws” inspiration from everything that is so amazing about India.

  • Wendy Cooling

    Wendy Cooling has been involved in a range of projects to promote reading not only in the UK but worldwide. A true Book Dabbler!