Delhi 2015

Bookaroo 2015

This was just the tonic that we needed. A full house that gladdened our hearts and pushed us to move onward. Scenes like the one above were witnessed in each of the sub venues that made up Bookaroo 2015.

Thank you Delhi for making it all worthwhile. A huge thank you to all our sponsors and supporters led by ZeeQ and the Shankar’s Centre for Children. We have a long list of names that even the online medium with its India-Rubber flexibility will find tough to accommodate. The parents of our young visitors, friends, publishers, writers, illustrators, school teachers and well-wishers from all corners of the world pitched in to help us take our dream beyond November 2015.

From Delhi we moved on quickly with back-to-back editions in Goa and Pune, thanks in no small measure to Gomantak Times and Sakal Times. And now, it is time to think of  Bookaroo’s 17th edition in Ahmedabad. We will be in the city on February 13 and 14th. This is one journey that we want to go on and on and on…

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For those who missed out on the Delhi edition or for those who wouldn’t mind a walk down memory lane, click schedule to look back on the show – by date, location age group and time. 


  • Ajay Chowdhury

    Ajay Chowdhury is a dad who loved making up bedtime stories for his daughters. He founded tech start-ups, made short films and directed Shakespearean plays, and has just written children’s book based on those stories.

  • Ajay Dasgupta

    Children are everywhere – on footpaths, in bastis, in makeshift schools and housing societies, but where are the storytellers? Ajay Dasgupta likes to take his bag of stories out and about to all children no matter where.

  • Anupreet Kaur

    Anupreet Kaur is an experienced teacher at Amity’s Pre-School, Amiown and an enthusiastic storyteller who tries to share her love for rib-tickling stories with children of all ages.

  • Aparjit Kaur

    An experienced teacher with at Amiown – Amity’s Caring Preschool, Aparjit Kaur makes stories come alive by combining her animated storytelling with lively audience participation.

  • Archana Saboo

    Archana Saboo is a writer, artist, entrepreneur and hotelier. When her children moved to boarding school, she missed them so much that she made her own fictional family to fill the void.

  • Åshild Kanstad ...

    Åshild Kanstad Johnsen studied Visual Communications, but her deep love of stories and illustration led her into the world of children’s books. Her inspiration comes from all the “stuff” she is unable to throw away.

  • Atreyee Dasgupta

    Atreyee Dasgupta is a teacher at Amiown – Amity’s Caring Preschool, who fervently believes that telling stories to children opens their eyes and minds to the world around them.

  • Chetan Sharma

    Chetan Sharma is a human turned night owl who started illustrating and animating at the age of 15. He credits his five dogs that he rescued from the streets for saving him from a boring life.

  • Christopher C. D...

    Christopher C. Doyle is a bestselling author who transports the reader into a fascinating world where ancient secrets buried in legends blend with science and history to create a gripping story.

  • Coralie Saudo

    Coralie Saudo is a French author and illustrator, who abandoned web-design to follow her passion for children’s books! Inspired by her three children, she sprinkles her texts and illustrations with colours and humour galore!

  • David Astle

    Australia’s word-wizard, David Astle is the author of Wordburger (a verbal feast for kids) plus six other puzzle-flavoured books. He’s a lifelong crossword-maker and dictionary-diver. If you love wordplay then DA will make your day.

  • Deepa Balsavar

    Deepa Balsavar lives in a grimy city, dreams of open spaces, tells stories, writes, draws, talks to dogs, shouts at drivers, travels in buses with her face in the wind and cooks for a princess.

  • Deepak Dalal

    Writer, traveller, trekker and wildlife enthusiast Deepak Dalal loves India’s wild places. He enjoys exploring, researching and writing stories (in that order).

  • DK

    DK is the world’s leading illustrated reference publisher of high-quality books and online resources for children and adults. Established in 1974 in London, DK produces content in over 87 countries, and in 62 languages.

  • Donovan Bixley

    Donovan Bixley is one of New Zealand’s most recognisable picture book creators, with numerous awards to his name. Some of the silly things he has illustrated include Shelob making Kentucky Fried Frodo and a veloci–rapping dinosaur.

  • Durgabai Vyam

    Durgabai Vyam started making dignas, colourful clay patterns on walls, at the age of six. She is the co-author of The Night Life of Trees, which won the BolognaRagazzi Award in 2008.

  • Frederic Friedel

    Frederic Friedel started off as a scientific journalist for German television, but in 1986 he co-founded a software company that changed the chess world. His mission is to encourage young children to play chess.

  • Geeta ‘Kathala...

    Geeta ‘Kathalaya’ Ramanujam is a famous storyteller and trainer. Stories follow her. Geeta grabs them, keeps them in her purse, and spreads happiness each time she sets one free.

  • Harsh Mander

    Harsh Mander, writer, human rights worker, columnist, researcher and teacher, works with survivors of mass violence, hunger, homeless persons and street children. He writes regular columns for national newspapers and scholarly journals.

  • Heetal Dattani J...

    Heetal Dattani Joshi is an illustrator, designer, entrepreneur, storyteller, art enthusiast trying to encourage future art enthusiasts and mum of two children. She believes that she can save the world with a paintbrush and a smile.

  • Jane De Suza

    Jane De Suza has written the three laugh-out-loud SuperZero books, among other top-sellers. She’s coming all the way from Bangalore to help children fly, which she can’t do herself because she keeps falling on her big head.

  • Jayshree Misra

    Jayshree Misra is a visual communication designer and dreams of being an artist! She loves photographing the world around her and posting pics on Instagram.

  • Judith Rossell

    Judith Rossell is an illustrator and writer of children’s books, from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Kamal Pruthi

    Kamal Pruthi is a firm favourite with children as kabuliwaala, who brings his big jhola(bag) full of stories into which children can dive deep to fill their story hungry tummies.

  • Khushnaz Lala

    Khushnaz Lala never intended to grow up, but legally had to after signing a ‘Terms and Conditions’ agreement she didn’t fully read. She makes stories and drawings of imaginary friends to replace actual human interaction

  • Kris Di Giacomo

    Kris Di Giacomo, an American illustrator who has lived in France since childhood, uses different styles, techniques, and colours to bring out the humour and emotion of each new story on many levels.

  • Lalita Iyer

    Lalita Iyer straddles the world of writing for both children and grown-ups and doesn’t know which gives her more joy. She left behind a career in journalism and advertising to become a full time writer.

  • Leah Verghese

    Leah Verghese is a burnt-out lawyer who now works as a policy specialist. In her free time she loves exploring the world,camera in hand.

  • Madhuri Purandar...

    Madhuri Purandare has an aversion towards computers, enjoys writing by hand (but her handwriting is not very good), does not like travelling, suffers from stage fright but is always ready to paint and write for children.

  • Matilda Ruta

    Matilda Ruta is a picture book maker from Sweden. She works with children to write and illustrate her stories. Her conversations with children help her create not only books but neon signs, short films and wall paintings.

  • Michael Heyman

    Michael Heyman is a professor of Nonsense at Berklee College of Music. He is wanted in thirteen-and-a-half countries for editing and writing books that make no sense.

  • Monita Gurung

    Monita Gurung is a motif designer and children’s publisher based in Nepal. Passionate about children’s books, she feels equally strongly about encouraging DiY and crafts. After all they are not only useful but fun too.

  • Nidhi Anand

    Nidhi Anand, an enthusiastic teacher with Amiown – Amity’s Caring Preschool, loves sharing her passion for stories with children. She believes that a day without a story is not complete.

  • Pernilla Stalfel...

    Pernilla Stalfelt, a teacher at The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, writes books for children. She loves the way children draw and think and incorporates their ideas and pictures wherever and whenever she can.

  • Ranjan De

    Ranjan De dreamt he would grow up to design toys and books that would blow the minds of generations of Indian children – and he has with his zany illustrated children’s books and hands-on creative Mpowershops.

  • Rituparna Ghosh

    Rituparna Ghosh caught the oral bug when she started telling stories to her son. A professional storyteller, trainer and consultant, she has discovered the child in herself and has decided never to grow up again!

  • Rupa Gulab

    Once upon a time Rupa Gulab worked in advertising, but decided that it was much more fun to hang around at home in grungy pyjamas. She lives happily ever after creating bad-tempered heroines.

  • S. Anand

    S. Anand spent his childhood reading comics rented from a library. He grew up knowing nothing about a great man like B.R. Ambedkar. So he came up with Bhimayana, a comic on Ambedkar using some unusual art.

  • Sanket Pethkar

    Sanket Pethkar is a Freelance Illustrator and Designer who has worked with various publishers. His dark and pensive illustrations are proof that he has a secret monster friend who controls his paintbrush.

  • Sarah Mounsey

    Sarah Mounsey is an award-winning writer who grew up in Australia but now lives in Singapore in a house full of books, chocolate, a husband and 3 children. None of which she could live without!

  • Shalini Srinivas...

    Shalini Srinivasan likes animals, walks, and nonsense. She lives mostly on the train between Bangalore where her dog lives, and Hyderabad where her PhD happens. Please don’t ask about her thesis.

  • Shilpa Ranade

    Shilpa Ranade, an animator and illustrator, lives in a forest with leopards, snakes, blue water hens, owls, crocodiles and monkeys. Her best friends are Indie (aka yoshy duga), (Mrs.) Giggle, Polar (bear), and Tweety (the brave).

  • Shilpa Tandon

    Shilpa Tandon is a teacher at Amiown – Amity’s Caring Preschool, who feels that stories have the power to touch our lives and change them.

  • Shilpi Mukherjee...

    A teacher at Amiown – Amity’s Caring Preschool, Shilpi Mukherjee Ghosh believes passionately that stories can be your best friends. With funny sounds and funnier expressions she takes her listeners deep into the imaginary land of stories.

  • Soumitra Ranade

    Soumitra Ranade is a writer-animator-filmmaker who lives in the Meghanandaradhepuram Caves near the Ajoyavikramacheniya Valley. All the stories that he has written are actually narrated to him by his pet crow zwp.

  • Subhash Vyam

    Subhash Vyam began working with clay and wood at the age of 10. He now paints on paper and canvas. He lives in Bhopal with his wife Durgabai.

  • Suman Chitrakar

    Suman Chitrakar is a patua artist from West Bengal. He has been creatively infusing new themes to the traditional art form of patua, and has evolved a distinctive style of his own.

  • Tanya Batt

    Storyteller and children’s author Tanya Batt and musician Peter Forster hail from planet Waiheke – a small but lovely rock off the eastern coast of Aotearoa, New Zealand. They love singing, riding their bicycles, eating chocolate and creating wonderful musical ‘story sandwiches’ – preferably all at the same time! Their sessions are highly interactive, filled with movement, music and magic.

  • Trina Dewan & Pr...

    Prabha S is a lively, bubbly, chirpy on-the-go story teller. A teacher at Amiown – Amity’s Caring Preschool, she has quite a few tricks up her sleeve to make you dance to her tune! An experienced teacher at Amiown – Amity’s Caring Preschool, Trina Dewan makes stories come alive by combining her animated storytelling with lively audience-participation.

  • Vidya Bhagwat

    Vidya Bhagwat is a storyteller whose use of drama, music and dance not only entertains but leads children to a greater understanding of people and the world around them.

  • Wendy Cooling

    Wendy Cooling has been involved in a range of projects to promote reading not only in the UK but worldwide. A true Book Dabbler!

  • Yashodhara Lal

    Yashodhara Lal makes people laugh (with her best-selling romantic-comedy books), makes them sweat (with her lively Zumba classes) and sometimes makes them sweat harder (as boss-lady in the corporate world!).