Delhi 2015

Bookaroo 2015

This was just the tonic that we needed. A full house that gladdened our hearts and pushed us to move onward. Scenes like the one above were witnessed in each of the sub venues that made up Bookaroo 2015.

Thank you Delhi for making it all worthwhile. A huge thank you to all our sponsors and supporters led by ZeeQ and the Shankar’s Centre for Children. We have a long list of names that even the online medium with its India-Rubber flexibility will find tough to accommodate. The parents of our young visitors, friends, publishers, writers, illustrators, school teachers and well-wishers from all corners of the world pitched in to help us take our dream beyond November 2015.

From Delhi we moved on quickly with back-to-back editions in Goa and Pune, thanks in no small measure to Gomantak Times and Sakal Times. And now, it is time to think of  Bookaroo’s 17th edition in Ahmedabad. We will be in the city on February 13 and 14th. This is one journey that we want to go on and on and on…

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For those who missed out on the Delhi edition or for those who wouldn’t mind a walk down memory lane, click schedule to look back on the show – by date, location age group and time. 


  • Aanchal Broca Ku...

    Aanchal Broca Kumar, a writer on subjects ranging from travel and tourism to child education, is a green warrior who believes that all waste on our planet can be recycled – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle is her mantra.

  • Akka Bakka

    Akka Bakka is a fun venture founded to explore the creative and colourful world of art and literature, where children are encouraged to explore a visual, tactile, and aural world to create their own, unique stories.

  • Amar Chitra Kath...

    Founded in 1967, Amar Chitra Katha is a household name in India. It is the byword for exquisitely illustrated comics which bring alive the epics, mythology, folktales and the brave hearts of our multi-cultural nation.

  • Aniruddha Mukher...

    Aniruddha Mukherjee gets his ideas at the stroke of his really long beard. A painter, photographer, he spends his summers photographing riverbanks, collects long-playing records and secretly wishes to learn the sitar one day.

  • Anita Raina Thap...

    Anita RainaThapan dived into the ocean of Indian literature many years ago and has not ceased to discover wisdom, joy and wonderment. These she shares with great enthusiasm with the young generation

  • Ankon Mitra

    Ankon is an architect who loves the folded geometry hidden within plants, leaves and flowers. He calls himself a folder and folds everything he can get his hands on – paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric and metal!

  • Annie Besant

    Annie Besant writes books and makes up things. Sometimes, she does those two things at the same time. She can also make you laugh.

  • Anupa Lal

    Anupa Lal has written more than 20 books for children, but she enjoys telling stories much more than writing them.

  • Anushka Ravishan...

    Anushka Ravishankar has never met a monster or a crocodile. Disappointed at her boring and monster-deprived childhood, she decided to make life exciting by creating strange creatures – humans, animals and monsters – in her books.

  • Bandana Tulachan

    Bandana Tulachan, an Illustrator from Kathmandu, Nepal, graduated in graphic design from Kathmandu University, Center for Art and Design She likes drawing monsters, making picture books, taking long walks and daydreaming inside public vehicles.

  • Bharati Jagannat...

    Bharati Jagannathan teaches History at Miranda House and writes fiction and poetry. She is deeply interested in birds and trees and enjoys telling stories, particularly the Ramayana.

  • Bikram Ghosh

    Bikram Ghosh, founder and company manager of Tadpole Repertory theatre group, is an actor, director and storyteller. He has never won any awards or prizes but is still not available for weddings or birthday parties.

  • Bina Kak

    Bina Kak was Minister of Forests and Environment in Rajasthan when she became passionate about protecting forests and wildlife. An avid photographer, she lives in Jaipur, visiting forests whenever she can.

  • Bol Child

    Bol Child: the language of children aspires to capture and amplify their dreams, aspirations, ideas, opinions, and expressions through content made for them, by them.
    Visit Speaker Website

  • Boori Monty Pryo...

    Boori Monty Pryor, former Australian Children’s Laureate, is a multi-talented performer who has worked in numerous industries including film, television, modelling, sport, music and theatre-in-education. An accomplished didjeridoo player he performed solo with the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra.

  • Bulbul Sharma

    Bulbul Sharma is a writer, a painter and a bird-watcher who loves traveling to remote areas in search of birds and stories. Her grandchildren enjoy painting with her because they make a real mess together.

  • Devendra Mewari

    Devendra Mewari has been writing popular science for the last 45 years. He has over 1500 articles and 17 books to his credit and has appeared on radio talks and written screenplays for science programmes on TV and won numerous awards.

  • DK

    DK is the world’s leading illustrated reference publisher of high-quality books and online resources for children and adults. Established in 1974 in London, DK produces content in over 87 countries, and in 62 languages.

  • Elin Grimstad

    Elin Grimstad is an illustrator, writer, and stop-motion animator. Her discovery that the moon above the Norwegian island where she was born, was not the only moon in the world has been her guiding light.

  • Fouzia

    Fouzia, the first woman Dastango of modern times, brings the flavour of Old Delhi to her storytelling. She enjoys telling stories of quaint characters such as ChachaChhakkan, Sheikh Chilli and Mullah Naseeruddin.

  • Jaba Chitrakar

    Jaba Chitrakar is one of the leading women Patuas of Nayavillage whose soulful singing is world renowned. Jaba learned Patachitra painting from her childhood under the tutelage of DukhushyamChitrakar.

  • Jyotin Goel

    No one knows this writer’s secret identity. What’s known is that he lives by the sea, understands Fishy (water creature speech) and translates the Septopus adventures from Fishy into English under the assumed name ‘Jyotin Goel’

  • Kamla Bhasin

    Kamla Bhasin’s work with NGOs and women’s groups has equipped her to write extensively on women’s empowerment, rural development and sustainable agriculture. In addition She has written several books for children

  • Katarina Genar

    Katarina Genar is the author of several critically acclaimed novels for children that are loved by the young readers. Her stories contain several layers, both enigmatic and somewhat mysterious.

  • Ketaki Karnik

    Ketaki Karnik is a top-secret detective investigating heinous heists and conspiracy theories. Even whilst masquerading as a corporate crony, she created the Crime Busters League. A mystery junkie and sci-fi freak, she loves her guitar and chocolates.

  • Lynette Morrison...

    Lynette Morrison is a university lecturer by day and a pirate by night. She goes on voyages with the Pittodrie Pirates and has exciting adventures where she meets magical creatures and visits strange islands.
    Lee Kowling is a quirky softly spoken artist who has illustrated over 40 children’s books. She has brought joy and laughter to countless children and adults, not to mention free tickets for flights of the imagination
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  • Mamta Nainy

    Mamta Nainy spent some years in advertising before a rotten apple fell on her head while she was sitting under a mango tree. Now she writes for children, eats cupcakes, plays with a yo-yo.

  • Martin Widmark

    Martin Widmark is considered one of the giants of current children’s fiction. His books are consistently on the best-seller lists and have been translated into more than 30 languages.

  • Mathangi Subrama...

    Mathangi Subramanian loves rabbits, books, feminism, and books about feminist rabbits. When she is not writing stories starring feisty female heroines, she works in the field of peace education.

  • Meghna Singhee

    Meghna is using Bookaroo as a platform to promote Grunt, her NGO to save the words from rampaging emoticons. She likes colour, blood, trampolines, murder mysteries, ideas that bang, crash, boom and writing. (Somewhat).

  • Michael Camiller...

    Michael Camilleri is an artist who is mad about making things: comics! picture books! puppets! theatre! paintings! drawings! it’s non-stop. He was recently awarded the Best New Illustrator in the Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards.
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  • Ng Kok Keong

    Ng is a School Principal by day but a tri-lingual storyteller by passion. He has been mesmerizing audiences all over Malaysia and the world with stories for the past nine years.

  • Nupur Awasthi Ga...

    With over a decade of teaching experience at a Delhi University college and in a leading school, Nupur Awasthi Gaur is an educator-communicator with special interests in environment education, storytelling, and creative writing.

  • Paras Joshi

    Paras Joshi – Author, Modernite, Law Student, Procrastinator, Blogger, Wanderer, Traveller and Mentalist.
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  • Parnab Mukherjee

    A spoken word performer, independent media analyst, curator and a performance consultant by profession, Parnab Mukherjee is one of the leading alternative theatre nomads of the sub-continent.

  • Parvati Sharma

    Parvati Sharma spent every summer vacation during her teens writing and discarding drafts of her novel. Fifteen years after those attempts, her first book saw the light of day. Now, she has three.

  • Payal Kapadia

    Payal Kapadia is an award-winning writer who lives with one husband, two children and three imaginary friends. Payal was fed up of reading grim books about horrid children — her latest book is about horrid grown-ups instead!

  • Ranjit Lal

    Ranjit Lal has written over thirty books for both adults and children. He has written about birds and animals and tiger families and human families stranger than any found in the animal world.

  • Razi Gandhi

    Razi Gandhi, an experienced teacher with Amiown Amity’s Pre-School, is a passionate storyteller who is happiest when sharing her love of stories with children of all ages whenever and wherever!

  • Roopa Pai

    RoopaPai is a computer engineer who always knew she was going to write for children. She is currently hard at work trying to earn the right to this epitaph: She was often content.

  • Sampurna Chattar...

    Sampurna Chattarji began writing as a kid and never outgrew the habit! She has written novels and poetry for adults, young adults and children, and her translations include Sukumar Ray’s poetry.

  • Santanil Ganguly

    Santanil Ganguly has been involved in all aspects of theatre for children in Kolkata, from writing to directing, for almost 20 years. His secret – a sweet tooth! He loves hajmi, chats, candy…

  • Satomi Ichikawa

    Satomi Ichikawa, a writer and illustrator, moved to Paris from Japan, never imagining that she would stay forever, or that drawing would become her passion. A doll collector and dancer, she travels the world to stay inspired.

  • Sayoni Basu

    Sayoni Basu is the director and primary platypus, at Duckbill, a publishing house for children and young adults.

  • Sharada Kolluru

    Sharada Kolluru is a film scriptwriter who enjoys painting. She feels strongly that each one of us has a story to tell, including herself. Korika was the book that gave her the title of author and was followed by more books.

  • Simi Srivastava

    Simi Srivastava is a master storyteller, founder of Kathashala, a life skills trainer, and a performing artist. She is professionally trained in theatre, creative music and movement, miming, puppetry and uses all these to narrate stories.
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  • Subhadra Sen Gup...

    Subhadra Sen Gupta, awarded the Bal SahityaPuraska in 2014, has written mysteries, adventures, comic books and books on history for children. She is waiting for a time machine to join Emperor Akbar for lunch.

  • Swati Sengupta

    Swati Sengupta loves small towns, tea and the chirp of birds. After quitting full-time work as journalist, Swati now travels and researches her books. On weekends, she plays football with her husband and son.

  • Tinkle

    With evergreen characters such as Suppandi and Shambu and award-winning storytelling and art, Tinkle has been imparting learning with fun for over 35 years – a ‘friend for life’ for generations of children.

  • Urmimala Nag

    A cartographer and illustrator, Urmimala Nag uses maps where others use words. The Illustrations and maps she conjures up speak a thousand stories.

  • Valentina Trived...

    Valentina Trivedi, an education consultant, is a merry squirrel who loves skipping off to explore new creative ideas. A leaf, a stick, a pencil, a crow – all inspire exciting tales in her mind.

  • Vandana Mathur

    Vandana Mathur, a teacher at Amiown Amity’s Pre- School, combines her two passions – literature and teaching – in storytelling. Not only does she tell stories but she even writes some stories, rhymes and songs!

  • Vanessa Ohri

    For Vanessa Ohri all the world’s a stage, where she does an impressive juggling act – actor, director, writer, producer. She is now ready to let her collection of highly contagious theatre bugs loose on you… BEWARE!

  • Vasanti Unka

    As a New Zealand born Indian, Vasanti Unka, tried to be a good little Indian girl but her rotis were always misshaped so she gave up trying. Now she is a multi-award winning writer and illustrator.

  • Wendy Cooling

    Wendy Cooling has been involved in a range of projects to promote rading not only in the UK but worldwide. A true Book Dabbler!