Kuching 2016


We are back with Bookaroo at one of our favourite venues – Pustaka Negeri, the Sarawak State Library.

Pustaka Negeri Sarawak is conceived as a major information resource centre and as the hub of information services for the public and private sectors throughout Malaysia. It  also provides a gateway into and from publicly accessible international information centres.

Set within a vast park that covers the State Mosque and the Minaret Gardens on the western side, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak has the perfect atmosphere for a children’s literature festival like Pustaka Bookaroo.

The park includes a lake, areas for public performances and art exhibitions, a playground, picnic areas, a scenic drive, pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes strewn with trees, shrubs and flower gardens.

Bookaroo’s mission is to bring children and books together in a borderless world.

For  enquiries, please write to:

Japri Bujang Masli or Razak Rambili at 082-442000 ext 103 /348 or

email: japribm@sarawak.gov.my or razakr@sarawak.gov.my