Six eventful years have passed since the first edition of Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival got off to a flying start in November 2008. Thanks to your support and love, it has been an exhilarating time for us as, we hope, it has been for you too.

The festival is back with its 7th edition, which promises to be bigger and, hopefully, better than ever before. As we set sail again, on board is an exciting line-up of writers, illustrators, poets, storytellers and crafts people.

This year, expect even more sparkling sessions, both at the main festival and during the outreach, Bookaroo in the City. Watch out for BOOKART - the exhibition of artwork by 10 well-known children’s books illustrators. This year, the exhibition will be held in the Triveni Art Gallery (Tansen Marg) from November 11th to November 25th. All are welcome.

Block your dates for the main festival at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) on November 29th and 30th. Eighty-three speakers from all over the world - and India - will be with you to celebrate the joy of books and literature. We have lined up 96 delightful sessions for the weekend. Watch this space for more details and don’t let anything - or anyone - stop you from being there.

Meet your favourite author or illustrator, participate in workshops, listen to enthralling stories from all over the world or just craft your way through the day. It’s your weekend.

  • Jun 22, 2014
    Bookaroo 2014

    November 29-30 at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Janpath
  • Sophie DEWAYANI

    Sophie Dewayani, along with Eva Nukman, has written and published numerous children's books in Indonesia. Sophie's picture book was shortlisted for 2013 Singtel Picture Book Award in Singapore.

    Ulf Nilsson has been writing picture books and detective stories for children for 30 years in Sweden. He loves funny stories and stories discussing fear, loneliness, love or death.
  • Sharmila SINHA

    Sharmila Sinha is a writer and storyteller who bonds with the environment, using the magic of images and words to take children on a voyage of discovery.
  • Muriel KAKANI

    Muriel Kakani is from Belgium originally but has been living in India for the last 20 years. Her mission is to create awareness about India's vanishing ecological traditions through the medium of...
  • Divya GOPINATH

    Divya Gopinath is a freelance graphic designer, who loves creating cartoon characters for children. Her son often gives her ideas for her books.
  • Michelle FAROOQI

    Michelle Farooqi has worked as an illustrator, cartoonist and visual artist. She paints in the classical realist tradition.
  • Ashok BANKER

    Reknab Kohsa sometimes spells his name backwards. He resides in the universe next door (third door to the left) with a cranky red hound named Wolliw who sometimes spells her name backwards too.

    Uma Krishnaswami is an award-winning author of books for children. She lives in New Mexico and is a major voice in the sharing of multicultural viewpoints in American children’s literature.
  • Musharraf Ali FAROOQI

    Musharraf Ali Farooqi divides his time between Toronto and Karachi. He has written 3 books for children, the most recent of which is Pakistan's first English language novel for children.
  • Naomi KOJIMA

    Born in Japan, Naomi Kojima has divided her life between the US and Japan. She is the writer and illustrator of picture books and her books have been published in Japan, US, France, Sweden and...

    Children's writer, illustrator and craft teacher, Indu enjoys tinkering with everyday objects that find their way into the dustbin and create art around it.
  • Subir ROY

    Subir Roy graduated in Applied Art from Government College or Art, Kolkata. He got a special mention in BIB, Bratislava for his illustrations in the picture book, The Woman and the Crow.
  • Sangeeta SETHI

    Sangeeta Sethi is an award winning writer. Her work has been published in leading magazines and newspapers and in recent years broadcast on Akashvani, Bikaner.
  • Greystroke

    Greystroke aka Shyam has been a writer, illustrator, cartoonist and art director for several children's magazines and books. When he isn't doing all this, he is a photographer who also makes films.
  • Julia FRIESE

    Julia Friese grew up right beside the Berlin Wall.Having illustrated her first children’s book during her first year in college, she now works as an illustrator and designer in Berlin.
  • Eva Y NUKMAN

    Eva Nukman, along with Sophie Dewayani, has written and published numerous children's books in Indonesia.
  • Sunita

    Sunita lives in Sawai Madhopur with her husband and two children. She is a practitioner of Meena Art. Passed on from mother to daughter through the generations it is always the women of the Meena...

    Priyamvada is a debut writer with work experience in academic publishing and web content development. In 2000 she won the solo quiz show Mastermind India.
  • Vidya MANI

    Vidya Mani has put together many children’s magazines. She believes that reading magazines is like biting into an eclair – it shows you there's a whole world of chocolate waiting to be...
  • Parinita SHETTY

    Parinita Shetty likes to believe that the world is made up of stories. She dreams of travelling the world and visiting every single bookstore while she’s there.
  • Christian DUDA

    Christian Duda is actually called Christian Achmed Gad Elkarim and is a German theatre director and screenwriter. He writes books for both adults and children under the name Christian Duda
  • Paro ANAND

    Paro Anand can’t stop writing books for children, young adults and adults although many people tell her she should slow down.
  • Giti CHANDRA

    Giti Chandra is not only a writer but also associate professor at St Stephen's College, a trained soprano, violinist and choral conductor.
  • Swati SENGUPTA

    Swati Sengupta is a journalist on a sabbatical, who is having the time of her life! There are two things Swati  loves apart from books – cooking and eating. Also staring at the sky.
  • Olivier TALLEC

    Olivier Tallec has illustrated over 70 books for children. He's fascinated by textiles and all forms of popular culture. An avid traveller, he divides his time between Paris and far-flung adventures.
  • Vikas KHANNA

    Vikas Khanna is an award winning Michelin Starred Indian chef, restaurateur, filmmaker, humanitarian and the host of the TV Show MasterChef India and Junior MasterChef India.
  • Rajiv TAMBE

    Rajiv Tambe is a multi-award winning writer, poet, playwright and journalist. He works tirelessly for children, engaging them playfully and bringing out their creative talents.

    Vinitha Ramchandani has written over 15 books for children and loves to listen to stories. She works as the editor of a book publishing firm in Mumbai.
  • Reenita Malhotra HORA

    Reenita Malhotra Hora is a book writer, broadcast and print journalist. She hosts a weekly storytelling show called Asian Threads on RTHK Radio 3. Native to Mumbai she currently lives in Hong Kong.
  • Ankit CHADHA

    Ankit Chadha is a writer and has been a TEDx speaker on Dastangoi - the art form of  Urdu storytelling. He loves working with children, and seeks to have fun while learning with them.
  • Parnab MUKHERJEE

    Parnab Mukherjee is an independent media analyst, performance consultant and leading alternative theatre director whose work often showcases human rights issues.
  • Random House Team

    Random House India is committed to promoting the love of reading through both contemporary fiction and the classics which bring timeless favourites to a whole new generation.
  • Dr Maths Team

    Dr. Maths' mission is to make Maths fun and fearless by building a strong foundation of skills and concepts during the early learning years.  
  • Ranjit LAL

    Ranjit Lal is a writer and a keen ornithologist. He has written fiction and non-fiction for both adults and children.
  • Abhijit SINHA

    Raconteuring comes easy to journalists, and Abhijit too has been crafting stories - in print, audio-visual, and going 'live' when in the mood - for some three decades
  • Sonali BISWAS

    Sonali Biswas is an award-winning illustrator and freelance artist. She has participated in many national and international exhibitions and workshops.

    The BLPS team works with school libraries and the English department to get kids excited about reading by narrating stories and conducting activities.
  • Vinamra SRIVASTAVA

    Coming from a defence background, Vinamra has spent most of his life hopping all across India. An IIM Ahmedabad alumnus and an avid sportsman, he works as a management consultant based in Singapore.
  • Venita COELHO

    Venita Coelho is a screenwriter for both films and television, a television director and a writer of children's books and plays as well as documentaries and multi-media stage shows.
  • Ayeshe SADR & Ishaan DASGUPTA

    Ayeshe Sadr and Ishaan Dasgupta work out of 211 studio, Delhi, as illustrators and designers. They try to incorporate illustrations into anything they possibly can.
  • Amar Chitra Katha

    Amar Chitra Katha was founded in 1967 by Anant Pai to familiarise children with stories from Indian mythology, history, literature and folklore.
  • Sally GARDNER

    Sally Gardner, winner of the 2012 Costa Prize and the 2013 Carnegie Medal, was branded "unteachable" until, at 12,  she was diagnosed as being severely dyslexic. Sally sees it as a gift, not a...
  • Ajit NARAYAN

    Ajit Narayan is a well-known cartoonist, workshop consultant and author of several instructional books on cartooning for all aspiring artists.
  • Christopher CHENG

    Christopher Cheng is an Australian writer whose books often explore the magic of legend and the colourful world of wildlife and nature.
  • Mariam Karim AHLAWAT

    Mariam Karim Ahlawat writes books and plays for adults and children, runs creative writing workshops and designs multimedia for children. In many of her works she tackles environmental issues.
  • Tapas Guha

    Tapas Guha enjoys the lively art of comic books and his forte is adding colour and movement to a narrative.
  • Saurabh PANDEY

    Saurabh Pandey is a science graduate who took up art. He has been illustrating and designing children’s books with CBT for 12 years. His involvement in theatre helps him with his illustrations.

    Janaki Galappatti is a biologist and educationist from Sri Lanka, who has read and told stories to children for as long as she can remember.
  • Rambharos JHA

    Rambharos Jha is an artist and writer who moved away from conventional subjects, and started working with new colours and materials. In the last few years he has been working extensively on water...
  • Anitha RAMKUMAR

    Anitha Ramkumar, head of school library services at TreasureHouse Children's Library, Hyderabad, is thrilled that she is doing what she likes and liking what she is doing, namely creating beautiful...

    Anushka Ravishankar is widely known as the Dr Seuss of India. She has recently started Duckbill, a publishing firm, along with friend Sayoni Basu.
  • Stephanie WONG

    Stephanie Wong lives in Singapore and is an illustrator and designer whose work covers children's books to magazines and everything in between.
  • Ankur MITRA

    Ankur Mitra has been an artist with CBT for over a decade. Besides illustrating and designing books for children, he is a professional photographer who has participated in several exhibitions.
  • Bloomsbury Team

    Bloomsbury Publishing was launched in India in September 2012. It is renowned for its outstanding children’s publishing list.
  • Shashi SHETYE

    Born in a small town in Goa, art director, illustrator Shashi Shetye started his pursuit of arts in Sir JJ Institute of  Applied Arts in Mumbai. He has won many awards, including the first prize...
  • Gen Ian CARDOZO

    Maj Gen Ian Cardozo, a highly decorated Chief of Staff, has seen action in several wars. Wounded in 1971 he lost his leg and now works with various organisations helping others with rehabilitation.
  • Sampurna Chattarji

    Sampurna Chattarji is a poet, novelist and translator. Her published titles include two novels and two poetry collections for adults, and several books for children.
  • Cornelia FUNKE

    Cornelia Funke was born in 1958 in Dorsten, Germany. She has written over 50 books, and is published in over 40 languages. She lives in Los Angeles with her children Anna and Ben and her dog Luna.

    Neeta Gangopadhya is a graduate of the College of Art, Delhi. Her work has been shown at the Biennnale of Illustrations, Bratislava and her work was part of an anthology nominated for an IBBY Honour...
  • Wendy COOLING

    Wendy Cooling has been a teacher, Head of Children's Book Foundation and is now well-known as a freelance children's book consultant and anthologist.
  • Salil Mukhia KWOICA

    Salil Mukhia Kwoica is a trained musician who has been documenting and telling stories from the Eastern Himalayan region for over 10 years
  • Marjorie SAYER

    Marjorie Sayer was born in Hong Kong to parents of English, Persian, Indian, and Chinese descent. She is happiest reading, writing, playing music or doing mathematics.
  • Jash SEN

    Jash Sen is a DU, IIM graduate who worked in IT and taught mathematics while dreaming of writing a book. The Wordkeepers is Jash's first novel.
  • Sayoni Basu

    Sayoni Basu has worked in publishing for over 13 years. In 2012, she set up Duckbill Books, along with good friend Anushka Ravishankar.
  • Tyra Teodora TRONSTAD

    Tyra is a writer of both fiction and poetry. She lives in Oslo with her husband and two children.

    Jeeva Raghunath is a teacher, writer and storyteller who tells her tales in three languages - French, English and Tamil. Her repertoire includes folk tales, true-life and cross-cultural stories.
  • TERI Team

    TERI was established in 1974 with the purpose of tackling and dealing with the immense and acute problems that mankind is likely to face within in the years ahead on account of the gradual depletion...
  • Suddhasattwa BASU

    Suddhasattwa Basu is a painter, illustrator and animation filmmaker who created the first Indian animated serial for television.
  • Rukhsana KHAN

    Rukhsana Khan is an award-winning Pakistani-Canadian children's author, writer and storyteller, whose stories have enabled children of all cultures to connect with cultures of Eastern origins
  • Suroopa MUKHERJEE

    Suroopa Mukherjee is a college teacher of English Literature, a children’s storyteller and a writer for anybody - from 9 to 90 - who is interested.
  • Shobha VISWANATH

    Shobha Viswanath, co-founder and publishing director of Karadi Tales which specialises in audiobooks and picture books, has written several books for children. She conducts regular storytelling...
  • Bhairavi PAREKH

    Bhairavi Parekh was born in Nairobi, grew up in London and now lives in Mumbai. She enjoys the quirkiness and good-natured humour which arises from cross-cultural exchanges.
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